Sunday, May 17, 2020

A prayer on Sunday

Over the years, I have worked through many, many Bible studies for women.  Oftentimes, in the growth and study guides that go with the books, part of the assignment for any given chapter has been to write a prayer concerning what has been learned and seeking God's help to apply the knowledge going forward.

I've written a number of these prayers over time, and have copied many of them onto pieces of stationery which I then tucked into the front of my prayer journal.  For years, I prayed through these on a rotating basis as a regular part of my prayer time. (I am much more of an extemporaneous type of pray-er as a rule, but I think that a heartfelt prayer once written in response to God's Word can continue to have value.)  Recently, I've felt led to incorporate these written prayers into my quiet time again.  I'm thinking I will try to share one of them every Sunday for awhile.

The prayer above  (continued below) is one I wrote while studying Elizabeth George's book Finding God's Path Through Your Trials

"I thank You for leading me through the difficult, confusing trails of life.  Thank You that I can peacefully follow Your leading all along the way, knowing that You know best and that -- because of You -- everything will be all right.

"Help me, Lord, to become an ever more devoted follower.  Help me to follow You in obedience to Your Word.  Help me to saturate my soul with Your Word, and to faithfully memorize it and meditate on it.  May I always remain in an attitude of prayer, staying close to You throughout each day.

"Thank You for being my loving Shepherd!
"In Jesus' name, Amen."

Maybe this will encourage someone else today.  What a blessing to be reminded that we can safely follow the Savior through the difficult, confusing trails of life!


  1. I love this idea. I collect prayers if that is a thing. By that I mean when I see a prayer I like or that touches me I write them or cut them out and glue them in a book. I too like to go back to look at them. I like the idea of writing one after a book or study to commemorate what has been learned.

  2. I'm glad you were blessed by the idea, Sandy. Yes, that is why I do this -- to commemorate what has been learned and to make some commitments to apply the knowledge I've gained, and to cement it all more firmly in my heart.

    Collecting prayers sounds like a good idea! I collect quotes!

  3. It is a beautiful prayer.

  4. I also love that idea! When I used to journal more consistently, I would often write my prayers in the journal. I need to get back into that habit again. I have been preparing my outside space around that plan. Now to just do it! Your prayer was lovely...and so applicable to our lives today. Thank you for sharing this. I like the idea of your prayers being written on a piece of stationery too. That makes it more of a keepsake. Do you put a date on your prayers? I do because when I go back and re-read it I can remember then what I was going through at the time, and it helps me to see how God led me through that particular trial. Thank you for this inspiration today. I needed it!


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