Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Wednesday Medley for May 1

Not only is it Wednesday, and time for the Wednesday Medley hosted by Terri at Your Friend from Florida.  It's also May 1!  April seemed to fly by, don't you think?  Why not start off your May blog posts by heading over to Terri's to get the the questions to answer them on your own blog?
1.  Ahhh... May Day!!  Happy May!  Did you celebrate this when you were a child by dancing around a Maypole or leaving flowers on someone's porch? Will you be celebrating a special occasion in May?
 I do remember making May baskets in school as a child.  And, as a teen in MYF, I think we gathered Mayflowers from a church family's property one year and made little baskets or bouquets to take to shut-ins.  
As for occasions, we have several family birthdays in May -- our granddaughter Mackenzie, our sons-in-law Jim and Clay, my hubby's sister Carolyn -- and I think there are more that I can't bring to mind right now.
Mayflowers, also known as Trailing Arbutus
(There are so many other things being celebrated today that I
think we need to give them some attention, too!)

2.  National Mother Goose Day was founded in 1987.  Can you name a nursery rhyme that would fit your life as it was in 1987?  If you are a youngster and not yet born in 1987, you may pass, of course, but do you have a favorite nursery rhyme?  HERE is a list of nursery rhymes.
I'm going to say Old Mother Hubbard.  Those were lean years with all of our kids in Christian school.  The cupboard was never actually bare,  but we did have to be very frugal.
That's my childhood copy of Mother Goose!

3.  National Chocolate Parfait Day is also honored on this day. Parfait means perfect in French. Tell us about a perfect day, in your mind, and would/could it end with a chocolate parfait?
 Oh, let's see ...I'm going to say a perfect day would be spent at our favorite place to stay on Back Lake in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire.  It would begin with breakfast out at a favorite place, perhaps Tall Timber (lovely ambiance and the best scrambled eggs ever!) but more likely Happy Corner Cafe.  Then Mr. T and I would enjoy some good quality devotional time, sitting in the sun on the dock.  We might pack a lunch and go for a picnic somewhere, maybe by another lake.  And then the afternoon would be spent relaxing -- probably kayaking for him and needlework on the dock in the sunshine for me.  For supper, I would likely have used one of these recipes: simple suppers for a getaway -- and sure, why not a chocolate parfait for dessert?  I could put together some simple ones with refrigerated pudding and cool whip, maybe.  Of course, there would be a glorious sunset over Back Lake to end our perfect day.  And a fire in the fireplace!

4.  National School Principal's Day was founded to celebrate these school administrators who support and guide quality teachers and staff to provide productive learning environments for our children.  Did you have a good Principal when you were in school? Do you remember his/her name?
I do remember the names of the school principals at my elementary and high school, but really not much about them.  You can tell that I didn't spend much time in the principal's office if I could help it! And these were sort of forgettable people, at least from my vantage point back then.  (Although I'm sure their families didn't think so!)  Now, of course, I would see them as souls for whom Jesus died.
This lovely old building was just down the street from where I went to school.
5. And perhaps the most important one is Silver Star Service Banner Day which honors the sacrifices of the combat wounded, ill, and dying service members from all branches of the military.  Do you have family members who have served this country in uniform? Tell us about them, if you will.
My dad served in the Navy in World War II. Although he was not wounded in combat, he made many difficult sacrifices in serving his country.

6.  It's Hump Day! How is your week going so far?
It's been a good week!  Our youngest daughter is here from Nevada with some of her kids for a visit, and it's been so nice to spend time with them.  We spent Monday at the ocean, which is always wonderful, but even better with family.  Mr. T took the day off from work and was able to go with us.  Just a fantastic day!

 I'll post more about this day later, I hope.  It does my heart so much good, always, to see my daughters together (above).  They were so close for so many years and now are separated by three time zones, so it is always a huge blessing when they can be together.  Below is a photo with all of the kids in it --there were nine!
And there is this week's Wednesday Medley!


  1. How lovely to have your daughters and all those kids together. Family time is precious. Your perfect day sounds wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. I remember all of my school principals. One of them died while in the job. He had a massive heart attack during summer break. I remember being worried that was it for school if Mr Morrison was not there. Glad you are having a good time with the Nevada family!!

  3. What a gorgeous sunset pic!!! Have a great visit with your daughters! Happy Wednesday!

  4. As evidenced by my answer for a perfect day, family being together is a blessing. Your perfect day does sound divine and certainly something to plan for. May I come too? Enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. Oh wonderful! A perfect day would be the one where all the family was together such as yours was. I have a few of those a year. There are many ways to enjoy wonderful days. I am off to follow your link. (Oh I remember those lean years when the kids were in private school, too. I pinched pennies so tight they squeaked.)

  6. That shot of the lake at sunset is so dreamy. I can understand why this place would make for a perfect day!

  7. Your perfect sound wonderful...what a beautiful setting! It's always great to have all of the family together, isn't it? My oldest turns forty on the 25th and we are planning a fun time together. Happy May Day and enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. Your perfect day sounds so relaxing! I love it. Thank-you to your dad for his service! Loved your answers! Have a nice week.

  9. Enjoy your dear family and have lots of fun! Thank you for joining the Medley today! I enjoyed your photos and your answers!! xoxox


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