Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun with felt food

It all started when my daughter mentioned that her kids would probably like some felt food for their birthdays. I had been intrigued by felt food for awhile and had even downloaded some patterns and instructions, but had not tried making any.

What I decided to do for the kids was to make "bag lunches" using the tutorial
I had seen for felt sandwiches and bags of chips. Here are the sandwich components (buns, lettuce, American cheese, bologna, tomato slices),

and the finished sandwiches.

(I decided to make buns for the sandwiches instead of bread for the sake of time.)

And here are the bags of ripple chips!

Another view of the chips.

The contents of the lunch bags.

I made simple fabric "lunch bags" to hold the lunches and clipped them closed at the top with wooden clothespins. No pics of these! (I had my hubby taking pics of the food while I finished making the bags.)

I had also planned to make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches but knew the bread slices would take too long. So I gave the kids their lunches as is.

Last evening I managed to finish the bread slices, so here's one of the PB&J sandwiches.

Of course, the real test of any food (felt or otherwise) is how much it's enjoyed!

So there is my first foray into felt food. I've been warned that it's addictive, but I thought the bread slices would cure that. Then last night, someone on my favorite craft forum sent a link to more felt food. There are some cinnamon rolls that are just too cute .... so maybe felt food is addictive after all!

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  1. What a good grandmother you are Mrs T!! Too cute.


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