Saturday, May 08, 2010

Kids and quilts

Out of the blue a month or so ago, my 7-year-old granddaughter declared, "I want to make a quilt." Although she loves crafts and is quite handy at them, I hadn't attempted to do any sewing with her. I waited a week and she brought the subject up again. Her 9-year-old sister was interested too. I warned them the project would take several weeks (we are talking small quilts here) but they wanted to pursue it.

The first weekend I had them select fabrics from my scrap stash and we cut them in squares.

The next weekend we began stitching the squares together into rows.

They learned that pressing is important, too.

The following weekend we finished stitching the quilt tops together.

Then we added a layer of batting (cut from an old mattress pad) and a backing (cut from an old flowered sheet).

The last weekend, we tied the quilts.

They are not perfect, but two little girls had a wonderful time seeing this project to completion.


  1. What a fun project!! It is fun to be a grandmother!

  2. Wow, you girls did a great job! How exciting. I like the fabrics you picked out too.

  3. Thanks, ladies! The girls had so much fun with this, I just had to share it even though my blogging time is severely limited right now (due to my writing project!). I have lots more craft photos to post, maybe next week.

  4. Love the joy brought by teaching children to quilt.

    I thought I'd invite you over to my blog to participate in the GBP cookbook giveaway being hosted there.

    Have fun with it,


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