Monday, May 24, 2010

A potpourri of crafts

Potpourri of Crafts....

This is a hodgepodge post of miscellaneous crafts I've done recently that I hadn't previously posted photos of for various reasons (lack of time being the main one!).

I did an entire post on chef's hats earlier. I know I had posted a picture of Emily's hat at that point, but here she is in it.

Her brother's chef hat was made by his other grandma, but both aprons were made by me.

And here is Julia's hat, with Julia not in it.

This is the 8-paneled skirt I made for Juiia using this pattern. So quick and easy.
Other side.

I had made one for Emily also and it turned out too short (also too big around, but that's another story!) so I added some wide eyelet lace to it and really liked the look. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that one.

This is a place mat purse (really more of a little tote bag for a 4-year-old, but would be a purse for a teen or woman) that I made for Julia. The colorful place mat took my eye at the thrift shop (25¢!). It was not until I started making the purse that I realized the place mat was a really good brand. The yellow ribbon handle is vintage grosgrain from my grandmother's sewing things.

I lined the purse with an orange napkin, leaving the top edges unstitched to form inside pockets. I tacked each one in place with a cute button to form 2 pockets on each side.

I also made some cards for a couple of special birthday people. Very simple (make that very, very, very simple!) but I had fun making these.
And the second one:

And then lastly, a bluebird and rose dish towel which I made for my daughter's birthday.

The dish towel fabric was the by-the-yard type; I had found a length of it in my mother's fabric stash. Enough to make 3 dish towels; I will make one for myself and one for each daughter. My mother loved both bluebirds and roses, so it will make a lovely memory of her.

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