Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lemon Trifle .... the perfect springtime dessert

Photo from Taste of Home
I've been trying recipes like crazy lately, and I so need to get some recipe reviews and links posted.  I decided to start with this one since it is relatively fresh in my mind.

Over the weekend we celebrated my daughter's birthday with her and her wonderful family.  I offered to bring something and ended up bringing a potato salad (her hubby was grilling chicken) and a lemon dessert.  She loves lemon and it is such a wonderfully refreshing flavor for springtime.

I'd been looking through some older issues of Taste of Home, and in the  2008 April/May issue, which featured a lemon recipe contest,  I found this one: Lemon Bar Trifle.

Well.  All I can say is "Wow!" It's a perfect springtime dessert.  Of course, being the inveterate recipe tweaker that I am (more about that in a future post), I did change a few things.  In making the lemon filling, I knew I could skip the time-consuming step of cooking the mixture and then adding the beaten egg yolks to the hot mixture.  My lemon meringue pie recipe (Betty Crocker) has you beat the egg yolks together with the water and then stir it all into the cornstarch/sugar mixture before cooking.  It works great and so that's what I did with this filling.  I also eliminated the all-purpose flour in the filling and just used an additional 2 Tablespoons of cornstarch.

A friend had given me Meyer lemons and that's what I used for most of the rind and juice in the filling.  I did use one regular lemon because I had one that needed to be used up.

In the cream cheese layer, I cut the confectioners sugar back to a cup.  Three cups would be way too sweet.  And I also whipped a pint of heavy cream to substitute for the whipped topping, adding a bit of confectioners sugar and vanilla.

I don't own a trifle bowl so just put this in my largest glass bowl.  It looked so pretty and tasted even
 better.  I will definitely be making this wonderful dessert again!

I'm sharing today with Sandi's No Place Like Home and Bernideen’s Tea Time, Cottage and Garden Blog Party.


  1. Dear Mrs. T.:
    Your trifle sounds and looks divine! I love it. This would be a perfect dessert for any occasion. Thanks for sharing and linking.

    1. Oh, it is SO delicious, Bernideen! And it makes a large quantity. We enjoyed it at the birthday party, plus I left a generous amount with my daughter and we enjoyed the rest of it at home the next day. Hope you enjoy this recipe if you try it.

  2. Oh, my, this looks wonderful! Hubby has a birthday coming up next month and he doesn't care for birthday cake. He usually gets an apple pie but I know he would just love this. Who doesn't love lemon? I will check out the recipe. Thank you for sharing, Mrs. T. and have a beautiful day.


    1. I hope you try the recipe, Sandi! I made the crust layer one day, crumbled it and stored it in a zip-lock bag, then made the other two layers and assembled the trifle the next day. I was a bit intimidated by the thought of assembling it at the last minute, since I needed to take it along to my daughter's. I did assemble it several hours ahead of time and I didn't feel that the crust layer lost any of its crunch. It was even good the following day, though not quite as crunchy by then. Hope you try this for your hubby's birthday and that you both enjoy it!

  3. Oh I love trifles and I love lemon. I think that I am the perfect candidate to try this recipe!

  4. I think so too, Vee! Along with our good weather the past couple days, this just may be the burst of sunshine you've been looking for! Hope you enjoy it. We all loved it!

  5. Oooh yum! This sounds so delightful! I too am a recipe tweaker as well. I prefer to make my own whipped cream from real cream as well, tastes so much better! Hoping that you are getting some sunshine and springy days in your part of the world :)

  6. It is delightful, Marilyn! We loved this trifle and I will definitely be making it again. Although there were a few steps to it, none of them are difficult. Hope your family enjoys it if you try the recipe.

    Yes! We have sunshine and springy days this weekend. Plenty of blue sky and our balcony thermometer reads 80º!


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