Sunday, December 04, 2016

December 4

It's been a long and busy day but I wanted to quickly pop in with a short post.  We took my dad's lighted ceramic Christmas tree to the nursing home and set it up in his room this afternoon.  Although he hasn't had a real Christmas tree at home for many years, he has very much enjoyed this little lighted tree, turning it on at dusk each evening.  So we trust he will enjoy having it in his room.

Next week we plan to take up his creche, complete with a wooden stable.  My dad made many of these for gifts over the years, and I thought it would be nice for the nursing home staff and visitors to his room to see something that he had made.

I thought it would  fun to show my readers what the stable looks like.  The creche figures in the scene I have are quite unattractive and really don't fit the scale of the stable, but I hope eventually to find nicer ones.   The ones I will take to the nursing home are the figures my parents always used and they are very nice looking (though not expensive).  When my dad built stables for his married grandchildren, I was sent on a hunt for nice looking creche figures.  I found some beautiful ones in Lowe's, of all places.
Creche with a lantern I found after Christmas last year
I got the idea to put a little New Testament, open to Luke 2, in front of the creche, from Sandi at Christmas Pudding.
 Do you set up a manger scene?  We certainly enjoy ours.


  1. My Nativity is the first thing I put out each year. I love the stable and it looks perfect to me.

    1. Oh, thanks, Sandy! The stable is beautiful, but the figures I have are sort of angular (I think they are some type of resin) and poorly painted. They are not too bad from a distance or in a blurry picture!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing about your own Nativity.

  2. Yes, I do. Have always wanted a creche. This year, the bookshelf is serving in that capacity. I am sure that your father enjoys having these things set up in his room to give it a holiday touch. It's the little things that comfort and give joy after all.

    1. A bookshelf works perfectly, Vee! I have used one myself in the past.

      Yes, I think he did enjoy seeing his ceramic tree again. He has not gotten his creche out in many years, but we found a good place to set it up in his room and I think it will be nice for him to be able to share with the staff and visitors something that he built himself. I may even add a tiny sign to that effect.

      He had attended a Living Nativity just before we arrived yesterday, but alas, he could not remember a thing about it. So yes, these older things may well comfort and give joy, as you so wisely said. I am trusting that they will.

  3. I love that your dad has a little tree and the crèche...I love that he will have something he made there - that is so special! The nativity us one of the first things I put out in our home!
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week! Hugs, Kimberley


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