Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturday six

I didn't make it in here for Friday five, so am trying for a Saturday six.  We'll see how that goes!  Oh, and any photos in this post will be from previous springs.  Not too springy looking here right now: still some snow cover in places, lots of mud and ugliness.  Still.

Here are six blessings from the week, in no particular order:

1.  Although the photo at top is from a previous spring, I'm happy to report that the daffodil plants are pushing up in this sheltered area at my childhood home.  It gladdened our hearts to see them yesterday!
St. Patrick's Day ribbon board -- from a previous year
 2.  Being able to get some new walking shoes yesterday!  My walking partner has some waterproof ones that she loves and that are holding up beautifully.  We finally took some time to visit the farm store where she had purchased hers.  She had given me all of the info and so when entering the shoe department I simply handed it to the salesperson.  Thanks to her expertise, I got a pair that were just as gloriously comfortable as my friend had promised.  And I like the color -- blue -- even better!  Best of all, we expended no money on this substantial purchase because my hubby had a generous gift card to this store, courtesy of his boss a few Christmases ago.
A green and white nod to St. Patrick's Day on the hutch -- also in a previous year
3.  A great Sunday last week.  All the more appreciated because its blessings are ones we won't have again for awhile.  A wonderful day in God's house, and visiting with old friends (that Sunday's pulpit supply) over lunch.  The messages from God's Word were great also, but that's a blessing we will still get to enjoy thanks to live streams from other churches.

This photo and the one below were taken a few years ago on a "mental health" spring hike with our daughter and family
4.  Lovely phone conversations with both of my daughters this week.  So good to be able to encourage one another in the Lord in these uncertain days.
5.  Blessed fellowship with our dear young friends Sam and Jennifer last Friday evening.  Words fail to convey what a blessing this mentoring opportunity is for us as we watch them grow stronger and stronger in the Lord.  Truly, they encourage us every bit as much as we encourage them (if not more so)!

Lake Winnipesaukee on a spring day a few years back
 6.  This one should have been first, but the peace God gives in difficult times has been a huge blessing throughout the week as we have seen life as we knew it turned completely upside down.  So thankful for His presence in our lives, His promises in His Word, and the sure knowledge that He is sovereign over every bit of this.
From a "mental health day" in the woods near our daughter's home a few years back
It's a gloriously sunny Saturday here, but somehow I don't think we will get out for a walk -- not a very long one, anyway.  The wind is at least 12 mph and so the temps currently are much lower than the sun might lead one to believe.  Still, I hope that each of you gets out for a little fresh air and sunshine!  We all need it for our mental health!


  1. Yes, fresh air and sunshine is so good for all aspects of our health. I didn’t get out today either, but I sure enjoyed my sunny home. Can we get a photo of your new walking shoes? They sound cool!

  2. Your thankful lists always challenge me to think of what all I have to be thankful for. And I agree with Vee! I'm interested in learning about these waterproof wonders.

  3. Hello Mrs T...lovely to visit with you this morning. I've got NY morning coffee in hand while I catch up with a few friends. So glad to hear you were able to get new walking shoes! And yes, I couldn't agree with you grateful to have the Lord in our lives. He gives much needed peace during these crazy times we are walking in right now. I am hoping to go for a walk at a big dam close by....need some fresh air and to clear some cobwebs!
    Have a blessed week!


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