Wednesday, August 11, 2021

From a North Country garden

 There's no time for a lengthy post today -- and probably not really time for this one.  But I wanted to share just a few photos of our friend Charlotte's glorious flowers.  We just got back from a quick two-day visit to her home in the Great North Woods.

One might think the growing season would be limited so far north, and one might be right.  But I have seen flowers blooming in Charlotte's gardens right into October.  

This visit I was extremely blessed in that Charlotte was in the midst of moving some of her plants around, and she gave me quite a number of them to bring home.  We hope to get them into the ground at our camp today.

 Most readers realize that I have a brown thumb.  I'm not good at keeping plants alive, especially houseplants.  But these will be outdoor perennials, so I'm hoping for better success.

The photo above may be my very favorite.  It looks down the slope of this hillside garden to the pond below.


I'm so thankful for the blessings of friendship and flowers!


  1. That’s a lovely garden!

    1. Isn't it? I should mention that Charlotte is 83!

  2. Oh how wonderful!! So much glorious color! I remember the flower gardens of New England...they seemed so much brighter and grander than our flower gardens here. Maybe because they are appreciated so much more after the starkness of winter! Thank you for sharing this with us...and I love the view to the pond...and then to see that there is a real log cabin there, well, that's just about perfect in my book! Thank you for sharing it with us. I would have loved that trip!!

  3. What gorgeous and interesting flowers! What a gift to be able to bring some back to plant near your cabin.

  4. Beautiful selection of flowers. The pond photo is a favorite. Prayers your take home all thrive!

  5. Charlotte has some very pretty flowers and now you will have some, too. I can't believe that you have a brown thumb. 😊

  6. Lovely!!!! I love my garden and it is a wonderful place for God to speak to us!


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