Thursday, September 02, 2021

Making space


 Time for another post as to what all is leaving or has left here recently.  Here goes:

August 17-31
Some from the linen closet, some from the craft closet, some from my dresser and elsewhere

To the trash —
 Some old makeup — lipstick, pressed powder, etc.
A bunch of partially used travel size toiletries — probably 2 dozen or more items
A strawberry bath pouf  — as noted before, this is the sort of thing that  happens when you have, or when people think you have, a strawberry collection
Remnants from some type of craft foam kit
A pair of comfy cotton pajama pants that have completely lost their elastic

To the thrift store —
2 bars of unused soap
2 small empty glass apothecary jars
An Oriental Trading kit to make 6 fall decorated votive holders
A bargain pair of green capris that I’ll never wear
4 vintage restaurant creamers with some cracks, etc.  Hopefully they are a fun find for someone!
A set of red nesting heart-shaped tiny tins
A set of Christmas pillowcases bought on clearance and used once — they don’t fit our pillows
A bright pink hand towel with a strawberry design (see bath pouf above)
A glass floral bowl and 3 rose-shaped floating candles (gift set I didn’t even know I had)!

To my young granddaughter
Some chunky foam stamps in fun designs like shells, butterflies, western gear, frogs, and more

To our little camp —
2 dish towels
A wonderful Coleman rack for cooking over a campfire
A ceramic penguin lamp from my childhood — need to buy a shade, but this will work in the grandkids’ sleeping and play loft
A pretty decorative fall plate that will be nice for fall decor here

And that's it for now!


  1. Congrats on so much clearing. I have to tackle the dish cabinet soon because so much has crept in there in the past few years. Yes! All by itself. 🥴

  2. Oh, it looks like a lot of clearing but really it is just bits and pieces here and there.

    Dish cabinet -- yes, things really do creep in there all by themselves, don't they? I have a hutch and corner cupboard to go through and I am just not looking forward to finding all that has crept in there while my back was turned.

  3. It's fun to explore your cupboards and closets with you! You must have a LOT of interesting stuff!! It is amazing what we accumulate over the years. We've moved so often that you would think we'd whittle it down to bare necessities, but all goes with us and we plan to sort it out later, and later never seems to come... One of these days I will get a "round tuit"...LOL. Have a great weekend...

  4. Good job, Mrs. T! The little things do add up. I am seeing the benefit of all the little things that have left our home over the last year. I'm chuckling over your strawberry collection.


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