Wednesday, September 22, 2021

An impulsive first-day-of fall Hodgepodge


Yes, I yielded to the impulse to answer the Hodgepodge questions this week!  Do I have time to blog?  Almost certainly not.  Do I feel like blogging?  Yes, so here we go:

1. It's fall y'all! Officially that is and in the northern hemisphere only, so if you're visiting from down under happy spring! Does it feel like fall where you live? Does it look like fall aka are the leaves beginning to change? What is your favorite fall color? Scent? Flavor? 

It does feel like fall, especially in the evenings and early mornings.   It does look like fall too, as the leaves are beginning to change.  Favorite fall color: Hmmm.  In general -- as in colors of leaves -- probably orange.  To wear, probably dark green or brown.  Favorite fall scent: maybe just the dying leaves and grasses that have an elusive but lovely scent.  Maybe the aroma from a barn full of apple boxes and baskets.  Favorite fall flavor: It's a toss-up -- apple, pumpkin, pecan, squash, cranberries.  

2. What's something you're not? 


3. Share a favorite quote related to fall and tell us why it's a favorite. 

I know it's been quoted a million times, but I still love Anne of Green Gables' declaration that she is so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers.  And I am, too.  October is my very favorite month and I love so much about it -- the crisp air, the gorgeous leaves, the brilliant blue skies, and especially the couples' retreat my hubby and I attend each year.

4. Besides Thanksgiving, what's your favorite fall meal? 

Sausage-stuffed buttercup squash (the recipe is in this post), baked potatoes, and coleslaw or applesauce.  Apple Crisp Pizza for dessert.

5. Share a favorite photo you took last fall? 

 I couldn't share only one ... The photo with the farm is one that we took last fall while visiting dear friends in Vermont.  It's the view from their backyard!  The one with the red tree and the water was taken Deering, New Hampshire during a hike we took one afternoon of a getaway there.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

A few years back, I read some wonderful thoughts from Rachel Wojo called Letting Your Leaves Fall.  I think Dayspring reprints this article every year.  Here's just a little quote to whet your appetite, but I hope you'll go over and read the whole thing.

"What are you holding on to that is preventing a freshness to the season ahead? Could it be that the decayed leaves are piling up and your heart needs to discard them for good? If so, why not reach out to the Lord in prayer? He longs to hear from you. Ask Him to shine light on any thoughts, circumstances, habits or other “decayed leaves” you might be clinging to. As you watch the leaves fall this season, our prayer is that you are reminded to let go of anything that would hinder a fresh relationship with God."

So encouraging, don't you think?  I was blessed and challenged by it. 

And there you have it -- an impulsive, first-day-of-fall Hodgepodge! To join in, head over to From This Side of the Pond.


  1. I love the quote. I am heading to read the article.
    It is actually supposed to cool down even in north Florida tonight. Wow!

  2. You have shared so many refreshing things. Yes, you have tempted me to go read more. The farm in Vermont looks like the iconic one that lands on so many calendars. Your friends have the real thing!

  3. I enjoyed reading your responses to the fall themed Hodgepodge. Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I enjoyed our chilly, if wet start to it today. Your autumn photographs are stunning. And thank you for sharing those spiritual thoughts. I'll go check out the whole article.

  4. I do believe that October is my favorite month too: we have lots of Football and kids' sports and we're in the swing of the Fall semester and the temps get cooler and it ends in spooky times! Love it.

  5. Oh I enjoyed this so much! I love hearing from you, and especially love to see the beautiful autumn leaves and color around you! And I absolutely love the Anne of Green Gables quote. But the last one is the best of all. Good food for thought there for all of us. Thank you for doing this "impulsive first day of fall" post! It was delightful!

  6. Loved your photos and your recipe for the sausage stuffed squash sounds so good.


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