Friday, April 17, 2009

Show & Tell Friday for April 17

Here are just a very few signs of spring here in northern New England.

A hopeful message on the slate at the front door

Laundry waving in the warm springlike breeze -- but notice there is still some snow on the ground. Still woodsmoke coming out of the chimney too. One reason I don't like to hang out laundry this early. But I couldn't resist.

Best of all, these pretty daffodils blooming in a sheltered spot at my parents' home

And a few more. My hubby took these daffodil photos. They came out so nice!

That is my simple Show & Tell for today. To see what others have shared for Show & Tell Friday, head on over to There is No Place Like Home. Happy Show & Tell Friday!


  1. Oh the pictures are so lovely! I feel like I just took a nice walk around your house:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    Lady M

  2. Love it! Beautiful pictures!

    Happy Spring to you too:)

    Happy S&TF!

    Linda C

  3. I love the way the laundry smells when they have been hung out on the clothesline to dry.

    I loved your pictures. Daffodils are beautiful.


  4. Those flowers are so pretty. I can't grow flowers to save my life but I enjoy seeing other's flowers.

  5. Mmm... I can smell the sunshine on the fresh clothes! I have blue jeans on the line as I write this. Can wait to smell the freshness!

  6. Those are beautiful signs of spring, Mrs. T! Your daffodils are so pretty!

  7. Happy Spring Mrs T!! We know it is spring here in Alabama by the many tornadoes we are having!! I am looking forward to a more temperate May.

  8. Happy Spring to all of you ladies, too. Thanks so much for stopping by to see my few signs of spring.

    Stop in here at my kitchen table anytime... I love company!

    God bless,

  9. Happy Earth Day...your pics are great!

    Wish I had a clothesline!



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