Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunset from the plane

On our way out to Nevada, we were blessed to see a beautiful sunset as our flight approached Salt Lake City.  My hubby snapped many pictures of it, but these are probably the best.

Even prettier

And I love this one, that includes the light on the wing of the plane.

We saw a nice sunset on the way back as well, but decided we already had enough sunset pictures.  I thought you would enjoy seeing these.


  1. And that's the view from my front porch out over the lake, every evening. Gotta love all that color!

  2. Oh Linda... how blessed you are! We have pretty sunsets here in New England sometimes, but nothing as gorgeous as this.

  3. That last one is my favorite too.:)

  4. Thanks, Arlene and Nikki. God is surely the Master Artist, isn't He?

  5. The skies are really amazng when your in the air.

  6. They certainly are. It's very interesting to look at the view from above the clouds sometimes.


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