Friday, April 11, 2014

Delightful dish towels

A recently finished flour sack towel
I love dish towels!  The vintage ones are often in such fun designs ... which reminds me that I have a bunch I have never taken pictures of.  I want to give some away to my daughters, but some of them are pretty badly stained from age.  I will need to get some of that soak that one uses for such items and see if I can get the worst stains out.

Nifty seasonal dish towels are often available, especially if you get them on clearance after a holiday.  Or you can make your own by purchasing dish towel fabric.  Moda is one source.  Here's a link: Moda dish toweling.    (You can click on "Fabrics" and then "Specialty Fabrics" and then "Toweling" to reach this page if need be.)  A friend of mine in PA tells me she can purchase dish toweling at Mennonite stores at very reasonable prices.  So there are a number of sources out there if you are so minded to make your own.

More than any of these, I love embroidering flour sack towels.  I've posted about them here before -- check the "dish towels" label in the word cloud -- but have just done four new ones for a birthday gift.  I buy the very large flour sack towels from Wal*Mart, cut them in half and hem the cut edge before adding a design.  For these, I also added a simple fabric trim after embroidering.  These are from the Java Break design set by Aunt Martha's.  I had fun working with the same basic color palette for each design, yet making each one look unique.

If you love needlework but think you don't have time, I encourage you to try embroidering a flour sack towel.  They can be done quickly in little bits of time here and there.  Because you are only outlining the design, not filling it in, the work really does go fast.  Best of all, you end up with something pretty and useful.
Caffe Latte
Cafe au Lait
And those are some of my simple embroidered flour sack towels!


  1. These towels are cute, Mrs. T! I have seen some towels in the craft section of Walmart that I have considered, but I have yet to learn how to make the back of my embroidery work tidy... :) Hope you and Mr. T have a wonderful weekend!

  2. So pretty!! Thanks for sharing!! I love flour sack dishcloths. We are going to Nashville in May and there is a place there that I plan to visit and stock up!!

  3. I've been enjoying your "intentionally focused" studies.
    Your towels turned out lovely. I like the fabric accents. I may need to try this on my next batch. I actually had to purchase a pack of flour sack towels because the one I used for straining fruit for jelly etc was mouse eaten over the winter and all of the others are stamped ready for embroidery. So now I have the rest of the pack to stamp and embroider :) Our stitching is never done...nor do we want it to all be done. I love winter evenings sitting and stitching while Mr. D plays some of the old Middletown Bible Church CDs and Tapes.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Thanks for visiting, ladies!!

    Mrs. Smith -- the back of my needlework is not perfectly tidy, either. It really doesn't show much (really, not at all) when the towel is hanging on a towel rack, stove handle, etc. Don't worry about it and just go for it!

    Arlene -- have fun in Nashville! We will be traveling during part of May, as well.

    Mrs. D -- so much fun! You are right that we wouldn't actually want our stitching to be all completed; this way there is always something fun to look forward to. I need to buy more flour sacks this week as I've used up all that I had on hand!

    I'm so glad you've been enjoying the Intentionally Focused studies. I sure enjoyed them! I will probably do a couple posts relating to the Easter study as well; it's been a great blessing to me.

    Hope all of you have a blessed day!


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