Sunday, April 06, 2014

Intentionally Focused, Day 35

Graphic by Little Birdie Blessings
This is my "Intentionally Focused" study from the last day of week 7, focusing on our ministries.  If you are used to thinking of ministry as teaching, mission work, music, or the like, you may be surprised at this one!

S [Scripture]= "Every wise woman buildeth her house, but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands."  (Proverbs 14:1)

O [Observation]= This is another of the many verses in Proverbs which presents a contrast between wise and foolish behavior.  Here, the wise woman -- actually, every wise woman -- builds her house.  The foolish woman plucks down her house with her own hands.  We seriously do need to see our homes and families as a ministry and to be sure we are doing the things that will build them up.

We must be very careful that we are not harming our families by our actions.  It seems to me that such harm can be done in many ways, but one of the most obvious is by setting a bad example with our own actions and attitudes.  Another way would be having our priorities out of order and allowing other things to crowd out our care of home and family.

A [Application]= I do see my care of home and family as a ministry.  I try to minister to my husband [and family when they are here] with good, nutritious food, with memory-making times, clean clothes, an orderly home, and so  on.  I know that I often fail miserably in the "orderly home department",  and that's an area I need to work on.  I also need to pay far more attention to my attitudes and tone of voice.

P [Prayer]= "Lord, I thank You so much for my husband and family and for my home.  I know that both of these are rich blessings from You.  When I think about all of the people in this world who don't have a home -- and the many others who live in inadequate homes like cardboard boxes or packing containers -- I am overwhelmed.  You've given me a home that -- although modest by many standards -- is large and luxurious by other standards.  I pray that you will help me to take proper care of the home You have blessed me with.  Even more important, I pray that You will help me with my ministry to the people in my home, especially my husband, who is here every day.  May I minister to him not only with clean clothes and good food and an orderly home, but with a sweet attitude and with the continual aim that our home will be a refuge from the world.  I thank You for all You will do!  In Jesus' name, Amen."

As you can tell, this verse led to a convicting study for me!  I hope it blesses someone else as well.

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