Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reflecting on 2017

I'm really slow with reflecting on 2017, setting goals for 2018, and choosing a possible word for the year.  No real excuse, although I must say we had a rough couple of days last week with our furnace smoking inexplicably.  On Friday Mr. T finally found and took care of the problem, but there was lots of smoke in the house (not to mention lots of cold air coming in from open doors and windows) and also a lot of time wasted on my part trying to take care of this finicky heat source so that it would not smoke.

The smoke made my eyes and throat burn and I ended up with a humdinger of a cold. The beginning of this week was rough, with the need of a 2-hour nap each day in order to be able to function at all.   I actually did this reflecting on 2017 last week, but am just getting around to post it.

Every year I like to evaluate the year just past and there are various questions I have used to do so.  This year, as last, I liked the idea of just ten questions to reflect upon the year, and last week I finally found time to do so.  This year, as last, these questions from Holley Gerth were just what I needed. 

So here are the questions and my answers:

🌟What went well this year?
My quiet times and devotional life;  blogging; preparing and teaching my Sunday School lessons.  I also saw God give guidance, grace, and strength for dealing with estate issues and for trying to encourage my husband and our church family as we continue without a pastor and he is on the search committee.

🌟What did not go well?
My physical life, especially the factors of eating right, exercise, and drinking enough water (although I will say I got far more exercise in 2017 than the previous year).  I didn't do all that well with my homemaking responsibilities, mostly because of caring for two houses.  And I had an almost complete dearth of creative time.

🌟What do I want to do the same next year?
All of the things that went well are things I want to continue with and perhaps even improve upon.

🌟What do I want to do differently?
 I want to eat more healthfully, walk more often, drink more water, get more sleep, and I want to get a much better handle on my homemaking responsibilities.  I want to do something creative every day, no matter how small.
🌟When did I feel most in my “sweet spot”?
Preparing for and teaching my Sunday School lessons; blogging; learning and being refreshed at retreats; taking time for simple getaways with my hubby.

🌟When did I feel the most exhausted and drained?
Almost all the time, actually.  Especially when working on estate paperwork.

🌟What did I say “yes” to that I wish I had said “no” to?
I really can't think of anything in that category.  There were plenty of things I would rather not have been  doing, but they weren't things I could have said No to.
🌟What did I say “no” to that I wish I had said “yes” to?
Time for crafting and other creative pursuits.  Drinking enough water and making other healthy choices.

🌟What helped me stay close to God this year?
Making sure I had my quiet time, even on the busiest days, even if I had to split it up into several segments.  Continued use of prayer journal and consistent prayer life.  Good time in God's Word every day.  The opportunity to be blessed by time at retreats for women and couples.

🌟What did He teach me that I want to live out next year?
That I can trust Him for every detail of a very complicated and busy life.

Maybe these questions are just what you need, too, to get a handle on 2018?   It's not too late!


  1. Taking care of our health is so important but so hard to implement. I was able to walk outside here yesterday and it felt so good. One more day of warm weather and winter returns for the weekend. I have a new devotional book for this year called A Year with the Church Fathers. Devotions from the early church...very interesting in that it is still timely today. I am also reading through the Bible one chapter at a time...I want to really reflect on what I read for the day. Of course we all have days where we fail to stop for Bible Time, fail to get that walk in but I have decided to just put that behind me and do better the next day.

    1. I took a short walk outside yesterday too and it felt so good. Our temps have moderated, but rain is coming tomorrow.

      Your new devotional book sounds very interesting. I have more books than I will ever find time to use. I find so much that interests me, but just need to finish one thing at a time. And of course there is the ongoing study for my Sunday School that is so beneficial, but takes a good deal of time. I agree with you wanting to really reflect on what you read each day. It's so easy to hurry through our Bible reading so we can check it off our list. Easy, but not really helpful to us.

      You are right; when we fail to do what we know we should on a particular day, we just need to dust ourselves off and try again the next day.

  2. They are good questions. It is hard to take care of ourselves. We often take care of everyone else before we see about ourselves. The estate stuff is not fun either. I have been bogged down with those things for quite some time too. It has to be done and it has certainly made reevaluate a lot of things. I plan to tackle some of the sentimental stuff that I know the kids can't hang on to this year. You know it all holds memories, but we can't keep it all. I have organized but overflowing closets that I am going to hit this year. However, I too need to make a little time each day for the creative side to come out ...just stop and enjoy the days I am in. Will we ever feel like we have the housekeeping in order. I don't know, but I am striving in that direction. Here is to good things in 2018.

    1. Good for you, Sandy! Yes, let's pray for one another that 2018 will be a year in which we accomplish all that the Lord would have us to.

  3. Those really are great questions. My 2017 was so crazy, with our move and my retirement, that I don't think I could adequately give proper thought to answering most of those. They are good to ponder, however, going into the new year!! I really like your background!

    1. Thanks, Terri! I have had the same background for many years and I still like it, so I don't change it.

      Hope you ponder the questions going into 2018 and that you find them helpful!


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