Saturday, October 26, 2019

Saturday six

Well, I ran out of time to post a Friday five, so we will go with a Saturday six.  Here goes:

1.  A productive day for getting a couple of larger items moved out of my childhood home -- a refrigerator and a wood stove -- and into our own house.  For years I have been accustomed to having an extra fridge in the basement, and when our 1940s fridge died it really impacted my shopping and cooking style.  For example, I could easily prepare desserts or even a crockpot meal  ahead and store them in the fridge until ready to use.  That all changed when we had only one refrigerator.  I'd gotten rid of my dad's fridge earlier through a recycling program, but there was still an extra one in the basement, so we moved it here and took our old one to the dump.  And then our old wood stove which we'd had for years was moved to a cabin we're hoping to fix up.  We took the soapstone stove  from my dad's home and put it in our kitchen to replace the old one.  Many thanks to our son-in-law Jim and grandson Sam for their help moving these heavy items around!
Crab apples near my childhood home
2.  A great day at church last Sunday.  We had a new-to-us pulpit supply and his morning message was so good -- from Titus chapter 2 and how believers are to live in this present world: we're to live soberly, righteously, and in a godly way.  We were also blessed by having several visitors worshiping with us.
Foliage from a previous year -- love these colors!
3.  Time to bake!  I baked some banana muffins last Saturday and some choco-marshmallow cookies on Thursday. 

4.  Time to post in both blogs -- no, not daily, but once in my Christmas blog and several times here.  Have you read my posts about our trip to the Great North Woods?  It's turned into a series with one installment to go!

5.  Getting a Christmas gift completed, and also a gift for a November birthday.

My hubby took this photo of a stone arch bridge a couple of years ago
6.  A McDonalds coffee date with my hubby today in the midst of running errands. 
Kindle photo of bittersweet from a previous year.  It's even nicer this year!
And there are some of my blessings from the past week.  Enjoy your weekend -- and don't forget to count your own blessings!


  1. Enjoyed your Saturday six. Many blessings.

  2. Oh it will be nice to have the extra working fridge and the wood stove for the kitchen. Is there anything more cozy than a wood stove in the kitchen? I think not!

  3. Yes, I have been enjoying your posts about the Great North Woods. The scenery is gorgeous and your days so relaxing.
    Reading your blessings list each week is a blessing to me. Thank you.
    (Years ago I had several of those little Pillsbury cookbooks and remember them as having good recipes!)


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