Monday, March 08, 2021

Making space --- Week 11


 It's actually later than week 11, I'm sure, and it's taken me far more than a week to dispose of all these items, but I'm finally posting some totals from my recent decluttering efforts.

February 13 - March 6:  

Things from here and there

To the thrift store:
Assorted unused birthday cards that I’ll never use
1 “cut glass” bud vase
1 small glass dish with poppy decals
1 red acrylic sweater
1 pair of khaki pants
1 blue flowered vest — I still like it, but have replaced it with a blue paisley vest that I like better
1 pink seersucker bathrobe I’ll never wear again
5 collectible bells that were gifted to my daughter as a teen
5 glass votive candle holders
An unused candle in a tin
A dozen music CDs and a couple cassette tapes
A large container of oversize lego-type bricks and the parts for a plastic marble run

To the trash:
A “Made in Turkey” vase, clear glass with violets painted on it — as soon as I started to wash it, two cracks developed
Two handmade candles with a “grungy” look made by rolling them in melted paraffin, then spices
A half-dozen nearly used jar candles
A Christmas pillar candle with no scent left
A child-painted wooden plaque that had seen far, far better days
A pair of brown jeans that I loved to death
A pair of black cotton knit pants, likewise
A pair of socks (with a small hole) that just doesn’t fit well
A tube of envelope glue
3 “eye of God” ornaments made by grandchildren
2 large hot glue sticks
Reading glasses that don’t work for anyone
An old sweatshirt I never wear
A favorite sweater with too many rips and holes to wear again
A bunch of CDs and cassettes
Many items I'd kept for kids to "dress up" in

Cleaning out second bathroom drawer:

To the trash:
1 plastic medicine cup
1 used tube of travel toothpaste
Some hair removing mitts that don’t really work
Some Avon fragrance samples
A ziplock bag full of skin care samples that are far outdated
A tube of hand lotion that just isn’t good anymore

Cleaning out the “junk drawer” in the kitchen

To the trash:
12 pencil-top erasers
1 package removable adhesive
5 pieces chalk
1 floor protector for chair or table leg
3 pencils with nonworking erasers
1 plastic protractor
3 metal compasses
1 hat for a Fisher-Price little person
2 calligraphy pens with no points

To the thrift store:
A container of replacement pencil leads

To my Christmas wrap storage:
2 rolls of sweet Christmas-themed packing tape

Cleaning out a large, deep drawer where we kept all manner of photos:

To the trash:
Probably hundreds of useless photos and negatives
A fancy family photo album with one large photo in it; this album is broken, moldy and unusable

Plus, I've actually thrown away many more things that I just haven't taken the time to write down.  This looks like quite a list, but I have a long, long way to go with this decluttering task.


  1. All this is very impressive. To have room in the drawer to easily find what is needed has to be great. The hardest part is to just start. I need to do just that...get started!

    1. I can definitely say that for those drawers I've finished decluttering -- like the utensil drawer, the kitchen junk drawer, one of my desk drawers, etc., it truly is great to be able to see what's in there and easily access it. I have a L-O-N-G way to go still, however!

  2. Good for you! I cleaned out our linen closet in the main bathroom yesterday. What a job! But it's done and looks so much better.

  3. Great job!! I am impressed. I hate to throw out clothes, but when they are outdated, worn out, and not even good for rags, I guess it is time. I need to do exactly that. Not even the thrift store would want them so why should I feel guilty about throwing them out? I don't's just so hard to do. But you are inspiring me. Now, to get beyond the inspiration to the doing!! That is the next step!!! Thank you.

  4. Yes, good for you, Mrs. T. I've completely lost track of what week I would be on if I were keeping up with this Making Space. I'm glad you're here to hopefully inspire me to get back to it. Soon. Very soon we will be moving my bother's things out of our home and I will become motivated to get back in gear.


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