Saturday, April 10, 2021

Better late than never: Beginning to review 2020


So I'm shamelessly borrowing questions from a New Year Hodgepodge that I never got around to answering back in January.  I've actually done very little in the way of reviewing 2020, so it seemed as if this could be a relatively painless way to jump into it.  Bear with me ... if you're not interested in thinking even one other thought about 2020, I completely understand.  Feel free to skip this post if you're in that camp.

1. Tell us about your favorite moment or share one of the bright spots from the year we're leaving behind. 

One of the brightest spots, which contained many favorite moments, was our trip with family to visit several state and national parks, including Zion and Grand Canyon.
Grandkids Elliott, Jerusha, Micah and Nathan at Zion National Park

Grand Canyon sunset

Granddaughter Sarah at the Grand Canyon

2. What do you wish you'd known at the start of 2020? Elaborate. 
Kind of a moot point, since none of us ever know what a day may bring forth (Proverbs 27:1).  But I think if I'd realized how swiftly our civil liberties and constitutional rights could be set aside in the name of "health", I would certainly have appreciated them much more.

3. Best book you read this year? If you did not read any books this year, what's the best thing you ate all year? We've all eaten, right? 
Wow, what a question!  I will probably have to go with In My Father's House, by Corrie ten Boom.  This book fills in the details of the years before The Hiding Place.  It certainly showed me more of the wonderful spiritual foundation Corrie was blessed with, and how she was able to stand so strong even inside a  concentration camp.   If you are interested, you can find several inexpensive editions of the book here: In My Father's House.

4. The Pantone Colors of the year for 2021 are ultimate gray and illuminating yellow (a bright shade)...are you a fan? Would we find either of these colors in your home or wardrobe? 
Just went and looked at these colors of the year, which as a rule I seldom pay much attention to.  I found the print below on Etsy at .teadesignshop.

I probably wouldn't use these colors in my home, but I actually like them both quite a bit and can see myself wearing either one of them, or both together.

Although, in regard to home decor, the kitchen cabinets at our camp, I'm thinking now, have been painted a color quite a bit like this gray.  See what you think:

5. If you were/are making a list of 21 things to do/accomplish in 2021 what is one thing that would be on it? 
Fully declutter our home and downsize our belongings. 

Graphic is by Becki at Field Lilies, who has been a great inspiration to me with decluttering and disposing. 

6. Insert your own random thought here.
Why, readers may ask, has it taken me so long to begin reviewing 2020?  I guess probably the biggest reason is that my hubby and I jumped into decluttering and cleaning in a pretty big way in the new year.  Also we took a couple of getaways (during which I was sure I'd have time to think back over the year! 😁) and spent a lot of March preparing for our trip to Nevada.

So ends this very random post.  I'm beginning to feel ready to review more of 2020, so some more posts on that are likely to be forthcoming soon.  Consider yourself warned ...


  1. I know it is April, but I think I am just beginning to put my thoughts on the year myself. Maybe the fact that it was a year since the lockdown, but I began to really start thinking about it too. I did allow so many liberties to be taken and will we ever be able to gain them back. I think there were some good things in that it simplified some things in my a good way.

    1. Sandy, I feel a bit better knowing that you also are just beginning to put your thoughts on the past year! I agree -- I think it simplified some things in my life too. Helped me to see what is really important in life.

  2. A very nice spite of the pandemic you still had a wonderful year, and even got to take a great trip with your family. You are my kind of people! I love the cabinets at your cottage/camp. I'm not a big gray fan, but it seems to be the "in" color these days, and it does look nice when coupled with white or other complimentary colors. How great that you are planning another trip for this year. That is wonderful! And I liked your answer to #2. So agree. Love Corrie ten Boom too. What an inspiration!

    1. I'm not a huge fan of gray either. I like it in clothing, but now that my hair is gray, it no longer suits my coloring so I seldom wear it.

      My daughter picked the paint color for the cabinets and I do like it. The previous color was a classic vintage green, sort of similar to jadeite. I wasn't sure I would like the change, but I really do.

      We are actually back now from our 2021 western trip. We had a wonderful time but it is good to be home.

  3. I’m glad you spent time with you family last year. So many have not! I like the cabinet color on the cabinets at your camp.

    1. We just decided we were going to spend time with family no matter what. It was important to us!

      My daughter picked out the cabinet color and ran it by me -- they did the painting as a surprise to my hubby, while we were gone. I like it a lot. The previous color was a classic vintage green, but I like this much better.

  4. Looking back at 2020, you have good memories.

    1. Yes, I really do. I know that many do not and I am truly thankful.

  5. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Well, on the bright side you are still alive and still have the right to complain about your 'losses'.



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