Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The completed puzzle

Here at last is the completed jigsaw puzzle of the painting "Walking to Town" by Fred Swan. Some of you will remember seeing this partly finished puzzle on my blog earlier, in a post about winter decorating.

A number of years ago I came across this beautiful Christmas card featuring a Fred Swan painting called "Walking to Town". 

I have long been a fan of Mr. Swan's work, but this one really spoke to me. Sometime later, I discovered that a counted cross-stitch kit of the painting was available. I saved my pennies and took advantage of a 50% off cross-stitch kits sale at Michaels to buy this kit a few years ago. I have yet to actually stitch this design, but hope to start it before another Christmas comes and goes!
A good friend of mine learned of my fondness for "Walking to Town" and found this jigsaw puzzle, which she then gave to me for my birthday. What a wonderful gift! Mr. T and I had many hours of enjoyment putting this puzzle together. (This is a White Mountain Puzzle, made here in New England, for those who may be interested.)


  1. White Mountain puzzles are a family favorite of ours. We usually get a fall and winter/Christmas puzzle every year at White Mountain Puzzles in Jackson NH. I also picked one up for a neighbor who was watching our dogs for the day and she just sent me a photo of the completed puzzle. We still haven't completed this year's Christmas puzzle. I should pull it out to work on during this snowstorm!
    Warmly, Gloria


  2. Always a pleasure to have you visit, Gloria!

    There are so many gorgeous White Mountain puzzles available, aren't there? Some time ago I signed up with White Mountain Puzzles to give input on new puzzle designs they are considering -- a survey, really. They send me emails with the surveys periodically and it's fun to see what will (or may) be new. We love them but have so little time to work on puzzles.

    We have 2 White Mountain Puzzles we bought last year -- both Fred Swan designs, one winter scene and one fall scene -- and they are still in the boxes, still wrapped in plastic!

    Hopefully things will eventually slow down enough for us to get out a puzzle and work on it!


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