Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thought for today

Here is another quote I found among some yellowed old clippings I had saved. This one gives some good advice as to how believers should spend their time:

"Spend your time in nothing which you know must be repented of; in nothing on which you might not pray for the blessing of God; in nothing which you could not review with a quiet conscience on your dying bed; in nothing which you might not safely and properly be found doing if death should surprise you in the act." ~ Richard Baxter

That last part made me think of something I read about one of my ancestors in an old genealogy. It was said that he was found dead in his chair with his open Bible on his lap.

This quote really challenges me. We only have one day guaranteed to us -- the day we are living right now. Are we using our time wisely?


  1. This is a great quote! I read through each part slowly, trying to let it sink in - how convicting. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Thanks, Susan! And I am so glad to see you here at my kitchen table! I've missed you, but I don't get around to visit blogs much any more, unfortunately. We still have dial-up, and blogs with any amount of pictures or other stuff just take too long to load. But I think of you often and hope that all is well with you, your family, and the ministry.

    Stop in and visit anytime!
    God bless,
    Mrs. T


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