Friday, August 28, 2009

Show & Tell Friday for August 28

One of the first crafts I ever tried was embroidery, many years ago. I grew to really enjoy it, especially crewel embroidery. I don't have photos of most of my projects, and I gave most of them away as gifts. Here's one example, though. I made this Hummel crewel project for my grandmother, who collected Hummel figurines. She eventually gave it back to me, so now I have it on my wall. I do apologize for the quality of the photo here.

I continued to enjoy embroidery until I discovered, and fell in love with, counted cross stitch. That became my craft of choice, and I work on projects here and there whenever I have a few minutes. It tends to take me a long time to complete a project. Here are bits and pieces of a few samplers I have done.

This cross stitch project was a gift for one of my daughters. I am particularly pleased with this one. It was quite challenging. Mr. T. made the frame to my specifications, and I painted it antique gold.

In the past few years I have found myself drawn to embroidery again. Maybe the Lord is preparing me for when my eyes will no longer be good enough for counted cross stitch (although I hope that day never comes!). I have done embroidery on apron pockets, like these:

And day of the week tea towels like this one:

And these:

Although I have a couple of cross stitch projects in the works, I have lately felt the itch to start an embroidery project. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. But, when doing some decluttering in my craft closet, I came across just the thing. Many years ago, when an elderly friend of ours passed away, her husband (who knew I loved needlecrafts just as she had) gave me some of her things -- a tin of needlework things, etc. I had completely forgotten about this other item, though -- a large oblong tablecloth which she had started embroidering and never finished. There are eight napkins with it, and those are completed. But she had only begun the first corner of the tablecloth. There is a large motif in the center of the cloth, and largish motifs on the corners, with small ones on the sides. She had the first corner perhaps 1/3 completed. I decided that there was my embroidery project. I work on it for a little while most evenings, and here is the first corner all completed!

I love the bright retro colors. This is probably from the 1980s or maybe a bit earlier. It lifts my spirits to work with these bright colors and watch the flowers bloom!

That is my simple Show & Tell for today. To see what others have shared for Show & Tell Friday, head on over to There is No Place Like Home.

Happy Show & Tell Friday!


  1. Your handwork is just beautiful! I have quite a stash of cross stitch that I need to bring out and start working on. Maybe with the cooler temperatures and slower pace of fall I can get something finished! The frames are very pretty too, and even more special that they were hand made! Thanks for sharing..and inspiring!

  2. Wow, your stitching is terrific! I love linens, old and new. But I always love the look of vintage things.

    Please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime, I love company!


  3. Lovely embroidery work. Mine is the same subject today :o)

  4. Such beautiful handwork! i especially love the tea towels. They're so pretty.

  5. You have some beautiful pieces. Lovely work! Thank you for sharing them.

  6. Counted cross-stitch is my choice too. I did a Show and Tell on it a few weeks ago actually.

    I tried the crewel one time around 20 years ago. It was a complete disaster. I didn't get very far before I just gave up. I'd have to have someone teach me, I think, to do it right.

    I'm too left-brain also for the crewel. Counted cross-stitch is right up my math-brain-loving alley! :)

    Beautiful pictures you have, and I'm really drawn to the Hummel at the beginning.

  7. Everything is so lovely. Your embroidery projects look beautiful and so do your cross-stitch projects. What a blessing to be able to make such beautiful things with your hands.

    Thank you so much for sharing; I truly enjoyed seeing everything.


  8. griggs@greensheep.com1:35 AM

    Hi Mrs. T.,
    I was searching the internet today for "Dirty Diaper Dip." I came across your blog post from a few years ago, and you mentioned that your daughters got this recipe from their dorm supervisor at a boarding school. Was that supervisor by any chance Beth Horton at Dublin Christian Academy? She's my sister, and our mom has been making "Dirty Diaper Dip" for church get-togethers for years. Anyway, thanks for all the great blog posts!

    Marie Griggs
    Woodside, CA

  9. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Very Very NICE!!! You have a gift for that... I dont think I could sit still long enough to concentrate, but I always enjoy looking at others talents...

  10. Ladies,

    Thank you all so much for stopping by to see my show & tell! I appreciate each and every one of your sweet and thoughtful comments. Even more I just appreciate your taking the time to visit around my kitchen table. Please come back and visit any time!

    Marie G. -- yes, you are right! That is where my daughters got the recipe for the deservedly popular dip. It is so much fun to learn of this connection with Miss H. I believe she shared several recipes with them.

    God bless you all,

  11. Hi Mrs. T.
    my sister just confirmed your daughter got the dirty diaper dip recipe from me, Beth (Horton) Barnard when I was dorm supervisor at Dublin Christian Academy years ago. Now I'm curious, which of your daughters did I have in my dorm? What years?
    Thanks for filling me in!

  12. Hi Beth!

    My daughters are Carrie and Joanna and they graduated in '95 and '96 respectively. I keep things semi-anonymous here on my blog, but if you would like to check out Carrie's blog you will find it here:
    Life on a Back Road. She has quite a few photos which will probably jog your memory, as she hasn't changed much.

    I think it's so neat to reconnect with people in such an interesting way. Hope all is well with you!

    God bless,

  13. Oh Mrs. T...these are just lovely!

    Where did you get the patterns for the teapots?

    Just lovely!

    lady m

  14. I did embroidery as a child, then moved to crewel in the mid 70s and like you found counted cross stitch to be my favorite. Nothing soothes me when I am upset like sitting down with a cross stitch project. Love love love those days of the week tea towels.

  15. Thank you Mrs. T for offering to share ;)

    I would really enjoy receiving these ~ they will make wonderful presents don't you think?

    Send me your email so I could send you my address.

    In HIS Peace,

    lady m

  16. Thanks, lady m and Arlene! Always a treat to have you ladies visit.

    Arlene, I agree about the soothing qualities of cross stitch. I find embroidery to be soothing also.

    Lady M, the teapot designs on the apron pockets are some that I found on a site some time ago. I had bookmarked it but the teapots are no longer there. If you would like me to send the patterns to you via email or regular mail send me your contact info in a comment, I will not publish it.

    It just occurred to me, though, that you might have meant the teapot on the day-of-the week towel. Those towels are a set of Aunt Martha transfers in the design called "Fine China".

    Hope this helps!
    God bless,


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