Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday five for November 16

Another Friday, and let's see if I can find five things to share about my week!  I recently came upon and scanned the vintage syrup advertisement above, and thought I would share.  This image reminds me so much of winter days in my childhood!  It looks like winter here today, so it seems appropriate.  (Feel free to snag this image if you can use it for something.)

But on to the Friday five.

1.  Attending our oldest granddaughter's high school musical on Saturday night.  It made for a later night than usual for us, but we were glad to take the time.  The kids did an amazing job in both acting and singing.

That's Sarah at left below with another granddaughter, Emily.  This was taken in Salt Lake City in summer 2017.

2.  Managing to accomplish a lot of housework between Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.  It felt good to have both time and energy to do several household tasks.   Scrubbing the tub was one of them.

3.  Having beautiful weather here on Monday.  Someone said it felt like spring, and I guess it sort of did.  It wasn't warm enough to be what we think of as true Indian summer, but it was a really nice day to get out and walk.  I was invigorated enough to tackle more housework when I got back.
Berries along our walking route
4.  Saving over $26 on groceries yesterday between regular coupons, digital coupons, and a $15 discount from our supermarket's rewards program!

This was a good week for this to happen, since I was buying snacks for the coffee time at church this week, a few extras for Christmas and Thanksgiving baking, and some items for the food pantry.
5.  God's grace to have a good attitude about snowstorms -- two in one week, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet.  The challenging thought is that this snow may not melt as many early snowstorms do ... it may be with us for the winter!  But I do have to admit it's pretty.  Photo below is from a November snowstorm last year, along our walking route.  We have more than that, currently -- several inches of the white stuff.
And that's Friday Five for this week!


  1. I am planning to have my snow melt. Ha! 😉

    How fun to see the grands accomplish wonderful things. These are two granddaughters I don’t remember having seen before. What a great smile Sarah has. Is she named for you?

    Happy preparing for Thanksgiving. I must get going, but I am easily distracted.

  2. If your snow melts, then likely ours will do likewise. I'm really hoping it does; just trying to prepare myself in case it doesn't!

    Emily is a Nevada grand and Sarah a local one. The photo was taken last summer when Sarah went west with us. Yes, she has an amazing smile. She does not let her braces keep her from smiling! She is not named for me but for her maternal grandmother who died years before Sarah's birth.

    Carrie and I just finalized Thanksgiving plans today. And then I also have a harvest dinner to cook for at church on Sunday. Plenty of cooking will be going on in my kitchen even though I'm not hosting on The Day.

    1. Oh, yes! Wonderful aromas coming from your kitchen. Have a blessed Harvest Dinner at church.

  3. Nice pictures! The girls looks so sweet and I'm sure the play was wonderful. Kudos on the grocery savings! Always good! Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks, Terri! I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!

  4. Mrs T, I do love saving $ with coupons! Excellent work! I'll be up north for Thanksgiving and so far the news says it will be seasonal weather (no snow!).

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, Gina! I always love saving money with coupons!


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