Saturday, November 07, 2020

Making space -- Week 1


 What is this about, you ask?  Remember how Becki,  over at Field Lilies,  was doing a decluttering challenge through October?   Well, Becki has a new idea for all of us who'd like to work at this in the days and weeks ahead.  You can read about it here: Making Space.  Why not join in, and maybe write a post a week about how the endeavor is going?  I'm going to try it, and here's my first installment:

First, I'll share what I decluttered from the time I last mentioned Becki's October challenge:

Oct. 20 —From the nightstand to the trash: an empty container of Working Hands cream; an empty tube of Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy; 2 empty tubes of Gold Bond Cream; an empty notepad; 1/2 jar of exfoliating foot wipes; 1 empty tube of Vaseline Advanced Healing Cream; a bunch of notes from my kids that I’ve sentimentally saved for years (having gone through such things in the clean-out of the old homestead, I know they will be disgusted that I saved them all this time).  I also found a bookmark someone had gifted my husband —still in its original packaging — that will be headed to the thrift store.
Oct. 30 — numerous church bulletin fronts — saved to use for Sunday School bulletin boards and other uses.  4 annual church reports from the 1980s.
Oct. 31 — an old makeup bag and its contents; 10 expired tubes or bottles of over-the-counter first aid type products; 2 freebie luggage tags, a used gift card.

Now, here's what I've decluttered in November so far (it's not much because we've been away from the house a lot):

November 6 — an extra mirror, taken to our little camp (where there were none)
November 7 — 2 plastic serving spoons, 1 large metal scoop, 1 metal ladle, 2 metal spatulas/pancake turners — taken to our camp (these are all items that have been taking up precious hanging space or drawer space)

Becki is aiming to declutter maybe ten items per week.  I didn't quite get there this week, but I'm inspired!

We've stayed overnight at our camp the past couple of nights, and the first time I remembered to take along a serving spoon for a crockpot breakfast oatmeal.  Then I took the spoon home. 😏 For this morning, I'd also prepared a crockpot breakfast -- an egg bake -- but realized we have no serving utensils at all over there.   

This is a rustic place and the amenities are very limited, but I'm sure we're going to find that more items we'd like to declutter from our home could be used over there.  

How about you?  Want to get some decluttering done and have fun and write a blog post a week in the process?


  1. Oh I wanted to do this, but have lost all blogging mojo. No desire whatsoever. 🥴 Well done you!

  2. I finally got rid of some extras in my kitchen Mrs T. I just had so many duplicates of things and face it, the only big meals I make these days are for holidays. I have tried to be brutal in getting rid of things. It is hard!!

  3. I'm need to do more decluttering!

  4. A great start, Mrs. T! I'm chuckling over the empty containers of various lotions. In my clean out, I recently uncovered bottles and tubes of lotion that I've not used for a couple of years. Certain that it's good, I'm resolving to use this stuff up! How nice that you will be able to rehome some of your stuff to your cabin. That's a win!


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