Saturday, November 28, 2020

Making space -- week 4


This past week was crazy and busy and included a holiday, but I managed just a teensy bit of decluttering anyway; undoubtedly a good idea with Christmas decorating on the horizon.  

Here are my very small accomplishments this week:

November 25 — a pair of pajama pants, a hand towel, and a washcloth, all worn beyond repair, but I’d been continuing to use them.  Tossed out!
Also, 10 1960s magazine pages — large size, like old Better Homes & Gardens issues, scanned for use in graphics and now tossed into the trash.

November 26 — While hunting for pumpkin in my pantry [yes, on Thanksgiving morning!😓], I discovered 2 cake mixes with “Use by” dates of 2016.  To the trash they went!  Shows how long it has been since I used a cake mix!

November 27 — To the trash: 1 cassette tape, a cake mix with a 2019 date and a box of graham cracker crumbs with a 2018 date.  A hardcover book headed for the thrift store, now that I’ve read it.

Certainly I'm hoping for greater progress in the week ahead!  I need to declutter some areas in the kitchen to make way for Christmas baking and to make space for any needed ingredients.


  1. Well every little bit makes a space. I have done the same in my pantry. I usually share some products with my children if they are getting near the use by date. And I have taken a load to the thrift store as well. I plan to go through my books and share some at our new little library in the neighborhood.

  2. Don't you just love those "use by" dates on grocery items that tell on you when someone else goes through the pantry or refrigerator? My son tends to check those things frequently and lets me know about them...amazing how long I can keep a bottle of salad dressing! I had some canned cranberry sauce from last Thanksgiving still waiting (unopened, of course)...found out it tastes like the can after it passes that date. You are making good progress! You are an inspiration to me. I am trying to learn to "let it go"! If I haven't used it by now, I never will... Have a Happy post Thanksgiving and now 1st Sunday of Advent day! Time to celebrate the coming of our Lord!

  3. You have been a busy bee. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Well now, you have been busy. I am slightly tempted to check the use by dates in my pantry, but as I consider them suggestions, maybe not. Every now and then, Laurel comes snooping and I hear, "Mother!" ☺️

    I had a small stack of clothes to go to the Goodwill when I acme to my senses. They were not fit for anything more than the trash can.

    Hope that you have made plenty of room in the kitchen for holiday decorating. Your kitchen always looks so charming dressed for Christmas.


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