Saturday, November 21, 2020

Making space -- week 3


 Well, I have done very little decluttering this week.  We were away Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday -- a lovely getaway to the ocean which I will hope to blog about soon.

Friday and Saturday have been full to the brim with hospitality, friends and family and all of the cooking and cleaning that accompany such happy times.   Again, some of these are things I hope to blog about one day soon.

On Thursday, I did manage a little decluttering — I cleared out a basket I keep near my chair in the living room.  Lots of correspondence info and devotional type stuff.  This has been on my list of places to declutter for months.  Here’s what I removed to the trash: an unused band-aid, a nearly empty tube of nourishing foot cream; a package of lens cleaning wipes that turned out to be useless; 4 defunct pens; 2 defunct highlighters; a bouncy ball with no bounce (toys are stored in the cabinet underneath this basket!); a half dozen outdated church directories.

I also found some things to give away: 3 sets of Scripture memory cards, also a paperback book.  And I typed up a couple of quotes I found scribbled on bits of paper in this basket, and filed them in the appropriate folders on my computer.

I think that adds up to around 20 things gone this week.  I have some great ideas for areas to tackle next week, when I hope to get much more decluttering done!


  1. Isn't it amazing the things we accumulate in our little baskets and files and places we just put things because we don't know where else to put it? You inspire me to get busy with some decluttering. Usually at the beginning of the New Year I clean out my file cabinet drawers at my desk to get rid of the old and make way for the new bill receipts, etc. (Although I usually do this when I do our taxes each year to make sure Ii haven't missed some important deductions...however since retirement we really don't have enough deductions to make any difference so it is a fruitless search). I am excited to hear of your travels and visitors, etc., and will look forward to those posts when you get around to it. Will you have any family gathering for Thanksgiving? Is NH under any strict restrictions? Have a blessed and wonderful week, whatever you are able to do.

  2. Nice job on the decluttering, Mrs. T. I find I love it when I uncover a pen that doesn't work. Such a simple thing, but so satisfying to toss. Probably because they seem to multiply like rabbits at our house.

  3. Isn't it strange the things we find? I enjoyed reading your list of things found in that basket. Now, I did some decluttering as well. I must have had no less than five containers filled with pens and pencils. (Alas, they all work.) Now they are all in a big box. The containers are gone; the pencils and pens remain. I need to cull that herd, too.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving week...

  4. I had to declutter the space around 'my chair' in the living room last week. Its funny the stuff we accumulate!


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