Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Gluten-free fruit muffins

(Photo by kingarthur.com)
Here is a recipe I tried before we went on our getaway.  We always like to get a couple of those large grocery-store muffins  [I know, I know.  Most unhealthy!] to take along and enjoy with coffee, and of course that was out for me this time since I have stopped eating wheat.  I tried this recipe from the King Arthur web site: Gluten Free Fruit Muffins and took a few of those along instead.  They were very good!

The recipe calls for a streusel topping, but I chose to leave it off to save time and calories.  I'm sure it would be good, but the muffins were tasty enough that a topping really wasn't necessary.  The recipe calls for either blueberries or chopped apples, but I chose to use raspberries and was pleased with the result.  Other variations, such as cranberry orange, were suggested and I think they would be wonderful as well.  This is one of the best gluten free baking recipes I have tried!

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