Monday, May 07, 2012

Apple blossom time

I know I've mentioned before that we have a smallish apple tree in our backyard.  Even more fun is the fact that it wasn't there when we built our house; neither did we intentionally plant this tree.  No -- there was an embankment at the edge of our yard where I would often toss fruit and vegetable scraps with a vague hope of enriching our soil.  One year I made a lot of apple pies and tossed the scraps there; I'm assuming that this tree took root from one of those long-ago apple seeds. 

In more recent years we've had apple blossoms in the spring -- just a few at first, and now a whole tree full.  We have apples in the fall, too.  Not perfect, as befits wild apples from a tree that has never been pruned, sprayed, or anything else, but they are actually quite tasty.

The blossoms are beautiful this year, and Mr. T took a number of photos this weekend.  I thought others would enjoy them, too.
One can just glimpse the road through the blossoms.

A closer look

Even closer

A single blossom surrounded by pink buds

More of the same

I think this is especially beautiful with the bright pink buds.  The essence of spring!

Hope you have enjoyed this look at our backyard apple tree!


  1. Gorgeous!!! How wonderful that the tree just popped up without being planted! Must be a gift from the God! After seeing your pictures, I'm thinking I need an apple tree, if nothing else but for the spring blooms!

  2. Thanks, Mrs. Smith! Well, you know what the poet said: "Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree." I think that was Joyce Kilmer, not sure.

    Yes, you probably do need an apple tree! The blossoms are so beautiful and the scent is just wonderful as well.

    Glad you enjoyed the photos!

  3. Hi Mrs. T,
    Thought I would correct my typo--gift from God is what I meant to say. I should proofread sometimes...:)

    I had a couple of crepe myrtles that popped up without planting them, and in perfect spots too--one by the house and one by a picket fence. I was amazed!

    Hope you are having a good week!

  4. Oh, that is fine about the typo -- I knew what you meant, but it's probably good to have it corrected. You will feel better about it, anyway@

    That is so neat about your crepe myrtles. I have felt the same about some of our wildflowers -- they ended up being in such perfect spots that it looks as if we planted them there!

    My week is going fine so far but it is looking like a very busy one. Hope you are having a nice week as well!

  5. Beautiful Mrs dad has a small apple orchard on his farm but I am never there to see them bloom!! Do you get many apples from your tree?

  6. Mrs. Smith -- talk about typos and proofreading! Did you see how I put a @ instead of a ! in my reply to your comment? Guess I need to proofread more often myself.

    Arlene -- yes, we do get quite a few apples. As I mentioned, they are not high quality apples, but they do taste good. Most of them fall to the ground before we get around to picking them. I use them mostly for applesauce.

  7. Such pretty flowers! I would LOVE to have some apple trees but unless it just springs up like yours, it's not going to happen at our current home :-) We had four tomato plants just spring up for us last summer. It was wonderful!

  8. Wow -- I have heard of other people talking about tomato plants just springing up (here in New England the old-time term for such plants is "volunteers"!), but it has never happened at our house.

    So, if tomato plants can spring up for you, why not an apple tree? Wouldn't that be fun!


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