Friday, September 11, 2015

2015's superhero capers

For some time now I have been meaning to write about the most recent superhero capers among our grandkids.  Longtime readers will recall that my superhero cape adventures began some years ago when these two in Nevada invented their own alter egos -- Super Gromit and Super Emily Cat.  This is the pattern I found to use, and continue to use: This pattern -- Clever Little Cape 
 -- is so easy and comes out so cute.  I've made it larger or smaller over time for various sizes of kids.  I have several size patterns by now, made out of newspaper.  The various emblems, I sort of made up on my own.

Inside each cape I embroidered a little symbol.  Here is Gromit ...

... and here is a kitty.
Time went by and I was asked to make capes for my local grandkids.  I didn't even start with embroidered animals for them, since they are just "regular" superheroes.  Sort of an oxymoron there.

Then along came a couple more in Nevada:
The emblem for Super Elliott-Mouse.
And his embroidered mouse.

This photo shoot was the last time the Nevadans came out for a visit, in 2012.  You can see Micah, in his tiny blue cape, sitting beside Sam on the big rock in the middle.

Josiah, Elliott, Julia, Micah, Sam, Darrin, Emily
Darrin and Sam in action
You can see why Sam needed a new cape!
As I've mentioned, this summer our five grandkids from Nevada (plus their parents, of course) came to visit for three weeks!  Prior to their arrival, a few things happened:
1)  Sam requested a new, bigger and longer cape.
2)  Micah needed a new cape so his could be passed on to his little brother Nathan.
3) We needed an emblem for Nathan's cape.
4) Baby Arielle needed her own superhero cape for photo shoots and such.

And so I got busy.

Sam's new cape
Ari's princess emblem
Ari's baby-sized cape
Sam's outgrown cape turned into a new cape for Micah-Moose.  I wasn't able to embroider a moose inside but I found a cute moose applique to use.
We did a photo shoot on the property of friends.  You can see Nathan at the far left in Micah's outgrown cape, with an "N" emblem now.
Perfect place for it!
Micah in action!
One of my favorite shots.  Love the action!
Our local superheroes got to wear their capes in a parade in early August.  Their summer reading program theme was super heroes.  Perfect!
If you look closely, you can see baby Ari in her little cape, being "worn" by Mommy just past the building, to the right.

That's it ... a summary of our superhero capers so far.  I have a feeling Super Gromit and Super Emily-Cat will be outgrowing their capes any day now. 


  1. Love it!! And I really like the small embroidered animals on the inside!! So cute. And we both have Elliott's !! Mine is in Birmingham but I get to see him fairly often.

  2. Thanks, Arlene! Glad you liked the capes! They are really easy and fun to sew and the kids seem to love them. I have also made masks and shields.

    Yes, we both have Elliotts. I love that! Mine is in Nevada so I am fortunate if I see him once a year. Thankful for Skype and emails full of pictures!

  3. I super-love these! I can just imagine how fun that was.
    Love it!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Tori, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the heroes and their capes! They are a lot of fun. I wasn't present for the photo shoot but it sure looked like a fun time. My son-in-law got some terrific video that was even cooler than the photos.

    You have a great weekend too!


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