Friday, September 04, 2015

Greek Spaghetti

Vintage cookbooklet from my collection
As I mentioned earlier, Mr. T and I have begun trying to eat much more healthfully -- as in lots of veggies and fruits, and limiting red meat, sugar, etc.  One of the sources I have turned to is my 2005 Light & Tasty Annual Recipes cookbook.  (I just now looked on Amazon, and you can find like-new used or new copies of this hardcover book for not much money at all.)  I got my copy of this book for free because I had a recipe published in it.

This cookbook has one entire chapter on meatless entrees, and an excellent chapter on salads.  In this hot weather, we've been eating lots of salads, and we have found many "keeper" recipes of all types in this book.  One recipe we tried recently is Greek Spaghetti.  This is a delicious and very flavorful meatless main dish.

I didn't have the fresh plum tomatoes on hand, so I used a couple of cans (the 14.5 ounce size) of diced tomatoes  and drained one of them, thinking that this would approximate to the amount of cut-up plum tomatoes.  It seemed to work fine.  I also used gluten free spaghetti (the Ronzoni brand is my favorite, plus it is less expensive than some other brands).

If you're looking for a satisfying meatless main course, give this one a try.  It's great with salad and focaccia bread alongside!


  1. Sounds yummy. Good for you for taking control of your diet. Bravo!

  2. Is your link working? I love spaghetti; John not so much.

  3. Hi ladies!

    Tori, we are trying hard with the healthier foods. Not to say we never eat sweets or ice cream, but it's occasional.

    Vee, thank you for pointing out the nonworking link. It's fixed now. Blogger has a tendency to throw extraneous numbers and symbols into my links -- not every time, but often -- and I usually make a habit of checking the HTML before hitting "publish". But sometimes I forget, and this is one of them. I need to get over to your blog; I read the post about meeting Bill and Abby, and I so envy you the opportunity. It looked like a perfect day!


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