Sunday, September 06, 2015

Progress on the "Snow Angels" cross stitch as of August 2015

The original kit.
Just a quick progress report on my long-standing UFO (Un-Finished Object), the "Snow Angels" cross-stitch kit.  I think I've referred to it in the past as my oldest UFO, but I really think there are some older ones.  I know there is a crewel design of pansies somewhere, and another crewel design of children looking out a wintry window -- those are vintage now, and I really should get them out and finish them.

Below you will see the progress on the "Snow Angels" design as of September 3.  I put the picture of the kit at the top of this post because I didn't want to disgust any of my cross-stitching blog friends.  I took this photo below with my Kindle, which I think actually takes better pictures than our current camera.  But it came out with a sort of yellowish cast, which really isn't present on the cross-stitch piece itself, and it also shows all the wrinkles and folds that come with carrying a needlework project around for years on end.  (I'm obviously not going to press the piece just to make it all pretty for the camera, but will wait until it's finished and will wash and press it then.)  As you can see, I actually have made a decent amount of progress on the snow angel outlines and on the clouds.  Much of what I have left to do (and am currently working on) is done with a blended needle of two different colors.  I find that a real challenge, and if I wasn't marking my place on the chart with washi tape I would be making even less progress.  I'm fairly pleased with how much I've been able to get done just by making it a point to pick up this UFO every few days and add some stitches.

So there you have it -- my progress on one of my UFOs!  It is coming along since I made more of a commitment to working on it this year. 

Do you have a UFO project?  How's it coming?


  1. Great job Mrs T!! I have done a lot of cross stitching this year for some reason, I have been in the MOOD! I am about half way finished with my Christmas sampler and I hope I can get it done and to the framer so I can use it this year!!

  2. That is lovely! You are doing a beautiful job. my eyes strain too easily to work on too much, but I might be able to finish up some embroidery (my UFO) a bit at a time. It's a state flower quilt project that I started years ago via Vicki Haniger's blog Turkey Feathers.

  3. Thanks for the visit and encouragement, ladies, and for not judging me on my photography skills and/or my casual treatment of my cross-stitch piece!

    Arlene -- I saw some of your progress on your Christmas sampler on your blog, I think. Lovely sampler. At the rate you are going, you will surely have it finished to use at Christmas!

    Vee- I have enjoyed Turkey Feathers and PatternBee so much over the years! Your comment made me go back and look at the State Flower quilt project. Lovely! I am finding that now that my eyes don't do as well with counted cross stitch, that God is giving me a new love for embroidery. That said, I'm continuing to work at Snow Angels with bifocals and finding it doable. I have one more 18-count project waiting in the wings which I hope to complete. And a number of 14-count projects ... after that, it will be mostly embroidery, Lord willing. My husband's great-aunt worked on quilts well into her nineties. I hope to be doing the same with needlework!


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