Saturday, September 19, 2015

September decorating, installment 2

Please understand that I am in no way an expert decorator.  I'm just a homemaker with a very humble home (which I am duly thankful for in this world in which many do not have a home) which I enjoy decorating seasonally.  I read a few decorating-type blogs and feel somewhat embarrassed to even post pictures of what I do.  However, I believe I'm called to encourage other women, and this is one way of doing that.  So, a few days ago I posted about my transitional fall wreath and noted that I would be gradually doing a bit of fall decorating throughout this week.  I'm almost done with that for September; I have one more element to add.

The picture at top shows my little kitchen island (actually a tall, formica-topped desk made by my dad when I was a teen).  I usually display the black and white transferware tureen, a family heirloom, on my hutch, but often in fall it ends up on the island.  I had found some nice checked dishtowels in my late mother's linen closet and chose a brown one to place on the island.

I realize that I am very, very late to the party when it comes to decorating with books.  I will often display some of my pretty Christmas books and/or Gooseberry Patch books (you will see some on the hutch) but never with stacks of books or even books between bookends as many talented decorators do.  But I thought books would be pretty here.  My husband had left an apple on the island and I thought it might look nice on top of fall-colored books.  So I chose a couple from my shelf.  The leaves are not real but almost look it.  If the apple starts looking tired, I have a very realistic faux apple I can replace it with.

I went with extremely simple for now on the dining room table.  It will get prettier as time goes on.

I made this apple-themed table square out of a repurposed calendar towel,  years ago.  You can read about it here: Slightly Crafty.  At left you can just glimpse one of my simple green plaid place mats, snipped out of a length of dollar-store plastic shelf liner.  The little cranberry candle lamp was a gift from a good friend.
 This shows the entire hutch.  I went with a rather spare (though pretty) arrangement for now.  Some of these things will be moved for October's display, but the teapot and the fall mugs on the top shelf will definitely remain.
 A bit of a closer look.  As always, you can click on a picture to make it larger.  The cup and saucer on the top shelf have leaves decorating them.  I got it at a yard sale!
 The Hometown Harvest book is one I got free for having a recipe published in it.  The Fiestaware salt and pepper shakers are family heirlooms.  The "Thankful" sign was purchased at The Wilds of New England last year and I have displayed it somewhere ever since.  Because I am thankful!  The little sunflower is a cute craft made with a spool, ribbon, and a cinnamon stick.  I got it as a favor at a ladies' event many years ago.

Hope you have enjoyed this second installment of my September decorating! October will involve much more red and orange, leaves, gourds, and pumpkins.

Are you finished with your fall decorating?


  1. Those Hometown Cookbook covers are so charming. I very much like what you are doing and when you see it and smile or when your husband sits down with a happy sigh to be home, you know that you've done well!

  2. I love your fall touches Mrs T!! And I always look forward to seeing your hutch change with the seasons!

  3. I LOVE how you decorate. :) I hardly decorate at all lately as nothing seems to stay where I place it but that is okay. I smile as I see what you have done and it makes me think about the places up high that I can decorate that little people cannot reach. The truth is it is rarely the littles but more often the bigs as they move stuff about. I guess I do have a few little places I can still "claim". I might just need to add some fall here yet.

  4. Ladies, thank you all so much for the encouragement! I had set this post to publish yesterday while I was not even home. I had gone to an overnight ladies' retreat at the Wilds of New England. Oh, what a wonderful time it was! I learned so much and came back refreshed in mind and spirit -- though still somewhat weary in body. It was so much fun to see you gathered around my kitchen table!

    Vee -- so lovely to see you here. And thanks so much for your sweet and encouraging comments!

    Arlene -- so happy you enjoy seeing the changes in hutch decor. I have had more fun with that hutch over the years!!

    Nikki -- so glad you enjoy my simple decorating efforts. Kids enjoy seeing seasonal decorations too, I do believe, so if you can add a touch of fall in some safe corner, do so! I will never forget my oldest granddaughter, probably 9 or 10 at the time, standing in front of my hutch and saying, "I love this." Sometimes things like that are more meaningful to kids than we realize.

    Happy fall, all of you!


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