Monday, March 10, 2014

A busy week indeed

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"You must have had a busy week!" commented my pastor's wife yesterday.  It took me a few seconds.  How did she know?  Then I remembered -- she reads my blog.  And I hadn't posted anything new since March 1.  She was absolutely right.  My week was busy, crazy, stressful, and any other synonym that fits.  I was out of the house a LOT.  So much so that ... well, try to imagine the following scenario:

An appliance -- let's say it's the washing machine, because that's what it was -- breaks down.  Not at your house, but at your elderly parent's house.  After having the situation assessed by a knowledgeable handyman (your husband, in this case) who says it would best be handled by a professional, you call Sears to schedule a repair appointment.  And the person on the other end gives you a time next week -- next Thursday, to be exact.  (In the meantime, of course, you are doing your parent's laundry at your own home.) 

It will tell you a great deal about the busyness of my week when you learn that my response to this week-in-the-future appointment date was, "That would be great!"  The man on the other end sounded a bit surprised.  I almost think he said, "It will?"  He probably doesn't get that response very often when he mentions repair dates over a week away.  But I was just. so. relieved. that it wasn't last week.  The Lord knew I didn't need to add another thing to that week.  I'm so thankful that our times are in His hands!

"But I trusted in Thee, O LORD: I said, Thou art my God.  My times are in Thy hand ..."  
(Psalm 31:14-15a)


  1. I had that graphic from Crosscards on my background on the computer at work for quite some time. When it got crazy around here, I would just think that God has my time(s) in His hands and it is a comfort to my soul.
    I hope this week is not quite a crazy.
    See ya Wednesday.

  2. Hmmm.... good idea. I think I will put it on my desktop for awhile at least. I tend to use the Gooseberry Patch seasonal wallpapers which always make me smile, but I think maybe I should use something with Scripture for awhile. Something more than just a pretty picture!

    Thanks for the idea! This week looks *somewhat* less crazy, but I'm not sure how that impending storm is going to impact it. Thankfully, the Lord does know!


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