Thursday, March 20, 2014

Snow! Snow! Just look at the snow!

Graphic from Baptist Bible Hour
My kids used to love a library book which contained the above line.  I have read it aloud countless times and it is permanently ingrained somewhere within my brain.  And so it came to mind immediately as a title for this simple post. 

Last night a few lazy flakes began drifting down as we ate supper.  Just a snow shower, we thought, though it had begun to snow much more heavily as we headed off to church.  By the time we returned a couple of hours later, there was close to 6" of snow on the ground.  One very interesting thing in this snowstorm was the presence of "thundersnow", which I had never heard of before.  We did see lightning three times in our travels, and figured it might be thundering but we didn't hear it due to the noise of our tires on the unplowed road.  A friend told me that thunder and lightning in winter is often followed by large amounts of snow.  That proved true in this case.  By this morning, there was over a foot of snow!

Here are some pictures from around our yard.  I must note that we already had a lot of snow prior to this snowfall, so what you see is more than a foot deep, obviously.
Out back (taken through a window) -- toward the center of the picture you can see a small peaked roof.  That is the kids' tree house.

Plowing the snow was a must both last night and this morning!
Heavy snow like this can cause power outages and downed trees.  So far, so good!
Snow outlining the limbs of hardwood trees
It's deep!
Edge of the driveway
More plowed-up snowbanks
Looking down at the road
Looking toward the end of the driveway
Taken through the back door.  Triangle shape toward the right at the edge of the woods is the tippety-top of our swimming pool ladder.  Above ground pool is completely filled in and covered by snow.
Hope you have enjoyed this look at our March snowstorm!  And if you happen to live in this area, I am sorry for reminding you.  You've probably seen enough snow.


  1. Some of the biggest snows I have seen here in the South have been thunder snows. One day I went to work in a thunderstorm at three, came out at 11 and there was a heavy snowfall. That was when I worked as a nurse in Oak Ridge, Tn. As pretty as it is, I am sure you are ready for it to depart. Here on the Tennessee River, they have allowed the water to get low, thinking we will get a lot of water from the melting snow up north, whenever it happens!! Stay snug and safe inside!!

  2. Wow, Arlene, I had never heard of thunder snows before. Thunderstorms which include hail, now I have seen those several times, including one where there was so much hail it was an inch or so deep on the ground. But not snow. I wonder if it is more of a Southern phenomenon.

    And yes, I am ready for the snow to depart. We often do get big snowstorms in March, so I'm not too surprised. But we do have an awful lot of it...

  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Mrs. T,
    You sure did get a lot of snow! :)Loved all your beautiful pictures. Thanks for stopping by our blog today. :) I was just thinking about you!

  4. Nikki,

    So nice to see you here! It didn't look as if you got anywhere near as much snow as we did.

    How sweet that you were just thinking of me! It's always nice to be thought of!

    Enjoy your sugaring!!


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