Friday, March 20, 2015

A vintage find

I can't even remember now where I came across this treasure, but I found it among things I had saved:  the Woman's Day 1953 Calendar.  You may remember, these calendars used to come as pages within the January issues of Woman's Day magazine.  They featured Scripture verses and lovely illustrations.  The pages were then cut up and assembled as pocket-sized calendars.

Isn't this beautiful?  The verse lettered around the edge of the calendar's cover is from Matthew 12:35 and reads, "A good man out of the treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things." 

The next page of the calendar has another verse, Genesis 1:14.  What a perfectly lovely verse to consider a new year in light of!

And then the months of the year begin.  I plan to show one for every month.  Here is the one for March.

Hope this beautifully illustrated vintage calendar and its Scripture verses has brightened your day today!  It certainly brightened mine!


  1. Lovely! I remember when many companies offered calendars to their customers. A by gone era I guess!

  2. How nice that the 1953 and 2015 calendars are the same.

  3. I love it! You have a treasure, for sure. And it IS pretty neat that the dates on this calendar and this year match up. I wonder how often that happens?

  4. Thanks, ladies! Last I knew, Woman's Day was still offering this type of calendar but it no longer comes in the magazine. You can send away for it, or could. But anyway, for years, they put the calendar in the January magazine, and it could be cut and stapled together to make a pocket calendar. I have a few of the pictures, but this is definitely my very oldest one. Love it.

    And yes, it's so neat that the dates are the same as this year!


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