Friday, March 13, 2015

My early spring hutch

I'm simply going to share a few photos and captions of my hutch decorated for early spring.  Not too different from past years, but a couple of new things perhaps.
The lower shelf.  Pretty simple; I have a couple of pieces from the "Grandfather dishes" mentioned in an earlier post; a couple pieces from the Colonial Homestead dishes I collect; some Fiestaware salt & peppers, a St. Patrick's Day tag by my friend Judy; and all arranged on a crocheted-edge vintage cloth I made last summer.

Middle shelf -- this has pretty much stayed the same with a maple sugaring display, including a spile that was my grandfather's.

Top shelf; I used a different teapot this year and added my sweet "Thankful" sign that I got at The Wilds of New England.  It's appropriate for any time of year!

On the dining table, I've placed a wooden tree and a little maple syrup tin under glass in my small cake dome.

Hope you have enjoyed this look at my simple early spring decorating!


  1. Very pretty and I am sure it is a cheerful corner in your home. The daffodils are blooming here and the temps have much improved. Spring is coming!!

  2. Thanks, Arlene! It is indeed a cheerful corner in our home -- makes me smile and "think spring" every time I pass it.

    Enjoy your daffodils! Temps have moderated here, but we are in for another cold snap and maybe more snow this weekend.

  3. Love the St Patrick's Day shelves. My Dad sent me a Snoopy St Pat's day card every year when I was away from home. I should have kept them all.

    I would love the recipe for your corned beef you brought Sunday... it was very yummy.

  4. That is so neat about your day and the Snoopy St. Patrick's Day cards!! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing some of my green/St. Pat's decor. I usually put up a St. Pat's Day ribbon board, but didn't find time this year.

    So glad you liked the corned beef! I really love that recipe. I've sent you the link in a personal email, but here is the address if others are interested: I usually buy some corned beef after St. Pat's Day when it can often be had for 99¢/lb. or so, and freeze it for later.

  5. I mean it is neat about your DAD and the Snoopy cards, not your day. Slip of the keyboard!

  6. Oh what a cute idea with the maple syrup can and tree under the cloche. Perfectly seasonal just now!

  7. I am glad you like it, Vee! I love displaying little treasures under glass. I always do a little bit of maple sugaring-themed decor this time of year. Love it! I want to do an entire post (or maybe more) of my "maple memories", if I can only find the time.


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