Friday, July 27, 2007

More craftiness

Well, here it is Friday again. I think this Sew Crafty Friday is a great thing for me to be involved in, because it gives me some accountability. I find myself looking forward to what I can share with this crafty group.

The first thing I did was to make a table topper out of some gorgeous berry-basket fabric my daughter had given me ages ago. I had always hoped to find more and make valances for my dining room windows, but never found any. I decided that fabric had languished in a tote long enough! She also gave me a coordinating print that is just berries, and I'm thinking I'll make placemats from that.

My next project was to turn a UFO cross-stitch project into a wall hanging. I used materials I had on hand to finish the entire project. I may hunt for a shorter dowel, but this was the best I could do for now.

And lastly I wanted to show you something really neat -- this wonderful retro bias tape I inherited from my grandmother. Checks, dots, plaid, and floral prints. I just recently rediscovered my little stash of this stuff and can't wait to trim some projects with it.


  1. Hi Mrs. T., I linked you up. I guess their site was down, so it disappeared on mine. It is great for being help accountable. I'm so happy you are participating with us. I just had to click and enlarge to drool over that bias tape. It's absolutely gorgeous. How great that you got it from your grandmother. Do you know what you are going to do with it yet? I can't wait to see!! ;0)

  2. Thanks, Shereen!

    *Isn't* that bias tape beautiful?! I inherited a lot of my grandmother's sewing stuff and I actually do use quite a bit of it. I had forgotten about this printed bias tape -- it was just mixed in with all the solid colors when I got it. I moved it all to its own box last time I decluttered my sewing supplies, but keep forgetting about it. Today, I was thinking about a vintage-style clothespin bag I'm planning to make, which calls for bias tape, and thought some of this would be just perfect. So I got it out and looked at it and just had to take a picture to share!

  3. I **love** your cross stitch! It's the type I like to do - country and with Scripture. I didn't know this Crafty Friday thing was going on. I'm going to check it out and try to participate; I need the accountability! :)

  4. Hi Susan --

    Yes, yes, do join in! Even works in progress count, so go for it. It sure is helping me.

    Glad you like the cross-stitch. It's from Cross Country Stitching -- do you see that magazine? I have bought an issue now and again at the grocery store, but have such a stash now I almost never buy them.


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