Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our last few picnics have been...

Regular readers may have wondered why they’ve seen no mention of our Wednesday picnics by the river for a few weeks. It has rained every Wednesday for 3 weeks! The first time (July 4) we did take our picnic along, but ended up eating it in the car as the rain poured down. The second week it seemed as if a thundershower was imminent. We probably could have had our picnic, but we weren’t sure and I had had an exhausting afternoon. So even though I prepared our picnic supper, we ate it at home. Just as we arrived at church, the rain began pelting down. This past Wednesday, there was no question. Definitely raining. We’ll see what happens this week!


  1. Ah, the New England rain. We could use some down in Tennessee. I enjoy the sunny days but it has been a dry summer. At least everything is lush and green up there:).

  2. Anonymous1:35 PM

    I have missed the picnic reports...but rain would be nice too!
    Blessings, Patty


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