Thursday, July 26, 2007

Picnic by the River for July 25

Last night we did manage to have our picnic by the river on the way to church. The day had been beautifully sunny but really uncomfortably warm.

I had spent a good bit of the day making ready for overnight guests last night. We were to have a ministry team from a Christian university at our Wednesday evening service, and Mr. T and I had volunteered to open our home and guest room to the young married couple leading the team. I needed to change the sheets and spiff up the guest room just a bit (it needs a major spiff-up involving paint and redecorating, but that’s another story); plus I wanted to mop the bathroom floor, make granola, and do some other necessary tasks. It really didn’t look as if there would be time to prepare for our picnic, but the Lord worked it out.

Our menu was super-simple -- Italian subs which I threw together with ham, salami and provolone on herbed wheat sub rolls from Walmart (love that reduced bread rack!) and canned 3-bean salad, along with baby carrots. And a jug of water, of course.

It was lovely and cool under the trees at our favorite picnic table down by the river. Although I had had to really hurry to get the picnic together, it was worth it all to just sit there in the coolness and watch the sunlight sparkling on the water. A much-needed moment of tranquility in our week!

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