Saturday, October 31, 2015

Favorite coffee or tea for fall

Today as I write my final post with a fall/October theme (for 2015, anyway) I am using a prompt from Whitney at Come Home for Comfort.  Whitney did a series of vlogs for Vlogtober and she offered a list of prompts for others who wanted to join her in vlogging.  That would not be me.  I am highly cameraphobic.  But her prompts were interesting and I decided that if I needed some ideas through my month of daily blogging, I would use some of them.

One of the prompts concerned favorite fall coffee or tea.   My friend Arlene at Nanaland is using some prompts in her October blogging and chose this one to write a post called Coffee, Anyone?, which I found so interesting, I decided to use that prompt myself.  And here we are!

We just got back from The Wilds of New England and a couples' retreat there -- and it's pretty hard to beat the good coffee served in their coffee shop,  Cool Beans. I had tried a maple coffee there back in September at the ladies' retreat, and just had to introduce my hubby to it. He loved it and we had maple coffees twice over the weekend, as well as one regular coffee. 

In general, for out and about, we like coffee from Cracker Barrel, McDonalds and Dunkin' Donuts -- pretty much in that order --but we seldom get to Cracker Barrel. Sometimes we have bought their packaged coffee to bring home.  Dunkin' Donuts has become a favorite accompaniment to an overnight getaway:

On a daily basis we drink whichever coffee we've found good deals on -- Folger's, Maxwell House, New England Coffee. Sometimes our local supermarkets will have deals on Green Mountain Coffee or Dunkin Donuts packaged coffee. We don't own a Keurig but may eventually get one.

As for flavors, hazelnut is probably our favorite, but we also enjoy pumpkin spice, blueberry cobbler and all sorts of seasonal flavors.

We used to buy the delicious flavored creamers that are available, but decided to stop using them as we are trying to eat more healthfully.  We now tend to buy more flavored coffees and just add a healthier creamer to them.  Mr. T usually puts vanilla almond milk in his coffee, and I usually use fat-free half and half.

For tea, I have found that my favorite fall tea is the Pumpkin Spice black tea from Bigelow. 

And there you have it!   What is your favorite coffee or tea for fall -- or anytime?


  1. If I am out and about in the morning, I make a stop at McDonalds. I LOVE their coffee. I have also bought their McCafe brand to use at home but frankly, it is not as good as what I get at the restaurant. And like you, Cracker Barrel is one of my favorites. We are blessed to have one right here in of the few that is not located on an Interstate. Panera would be third but we are getting a Krispy Kreme here and their coffee is really delish too. I would find it hard to get a cup of coffee without getting a donut so I will stick to McD"s. As for tea....we drink ours cold and sweet all year long!

  2. Yes, that was interesting. I used to drink hazelnut flavored coffee, but when I married John he could not handle it so we drink regular coffee. My preference is Tim Horton coffee. I use plain old half and half as a creamer. Tea? I love honey chamomile tea or a good strong breakfast tea. And I always enjoy an experiment or specialty flavor, though that is a rare treat and usually just at Christmastime.

  3. Bigelow has a new "American Breakfast Tea" with extra caffeine and honey. I bought some on Friday and I think it's my new favorite tea... just never after noon. I also enjoy "Constant Comment" because it has a slight citrus taste, and "Vanilla Chai" though this tastes a little heavy to me sometimes. My favorite coffee is anything without flavoring. I will sometime add one little smidge of French Vanilla creamer which the convenience store provides those little creamers for their Green Mountain Coffee (the best coffee ever). I don't like any other flavors and never sugar. I also don't really care for cream, I'd much rather have milk in my coffee. I know... sounds a little fussy but I've tried lots of stuff and this just seems best for me. I'd be sad if I were ever told to give up coffee or tea as I do enjoy these beverages very much.

    I don't mind having a little "pumpkin pie" on the side :)

  4. Hi ladies!

    What a nice group has gathered around my kitchen table to share a cup of coffee!! It was so very interesting to learn about all of your coffee preferences.

    Arlene -- do you recall Whitney's vlog about coffee and how she mentioned loving one called Java Time? On our recent getaway, we stopped at a favorite off-price store and found Java Time! The price was great so on Whitney's recommendation, I bought a bag. I'm so looking forward to trying it! And oh, how I envy you that Cracker Barrel. We have one in the entire state.

    Vee -- Tim Horton's is good, isn't it? Although I have only tasted it in Canada, I know there are some Tim Horton's in the US. Can one buy their coffee by the bag in stores?

    Mrs. D -- so fun to read your thoughts. In the same store where I found the Java Time (it was Ocean State Job Lot), I saw that Bigelow American Breakfast tea you mentioned. I probably wouldn't go for it since I'm not a big fan of honey. I agree, Green Mountain Coffee is very good. I usually will buy a cup in cold weather while I'm grocery shopping. I don't like milk in my coffee -- just need it to be creamier so it's usually the fat free half and half. I never use sugar in coffee, though.


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