Friday, March 30, 2012

Honey-Pecan Baked Fish

(Photo by Taste of Home)
Last week I wanted to find a new recipe for fish.  I came across this one for Honey Pecan Baked Fish and decided to try it.  We had haddock in the freezer, so of course I used that rather than the cod the recipe calls for.

The other change I made was not to use honey.  I think sometimes the flavor of honey can be overpowering.  So I used 2 tablespoons only of my homemade brown sugar syrup.  Pure maple syrup would probably work, too.  I think either of those has a more subtle flavor than honey.

We liked this fish a lot.  It was delicious and will go into my file of tried-and-true fish recipes.  Maybe your family would enjoy it, too!


  1. Your posts are making me quite hungry today. They all look so good. I have been very un creative in the kitchen lately!!!

  2. I know what you mean. I go by fits and starts. Sometimes I just feel like making the same old things that I know we like. But I guess because it is springtime, I feel like trying some fresh (and hopefully healthy) recipes.

    Nice to see you here today! Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!


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