Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Saturday snowfall

Last evening Mr. T was taking another glance at the weather forecast in our daily paper [not always the most accurate forecast one could ask for] and noticed there was a chance of snow showers overnight.

I was awake around 1:30 a.m. and noticed that the balcony railing was lightly dusted with snow.  I concluded that the snow showers had come to pass, and went back to sleep.

They must have been quite the "snow showers"!  When we got up at five, we had about four inches of new snow, and the snow was still falling!  Now it's partly sunny and the snow is coming off the trees somewhat, but I snapped a few pictures [all from indoors] before it did.
The contrast of the snow-covered branches and the blue sky is so pretty!
The window in our balcony door; the horizontal lines are our clothesline.

Our back woods.

Love this snow-covered evergreen.

This little cluster of small snow-covered evergreens is so sweet.

Path out into our back woods.  This leads to our campfire pit.

Chickadee at the feeder.  You can just glimpse our neighbor's red barn through the trees.
Hope you enjoy the beauty produced by our "snow showers" this morning!


  1. Thank you for coming over.......and I get to come and visit you. My heart is so at peace. Nooo rushing around. Listening to scripture right now. That was one thing I loved about being home. We could listen all the time. Now it is interrupted, but that is okay....all the things we had poured into our lives the years before are being used. Nothing is ever wasted!

    Loved all your pic's....beautiful view from your balcony. I love snow. We have not had much.....we still can though.

    Hugs to your day. Linda

  2. Oh, Linda, so nice to see you here! I am honored -- truly so -- that you chose to spend a few moments of your vacation here at my kitchen table. I am so happy for you, being able to have this time off.

    And you are so right -- all the things you had poured into your lives in preceding years are being used now as you work at the college. God is so good!

    Glad you liked the pics. We also have had very little snow this winter. Guess that is why I don't mind it now.

    Hugs to your day too, my friend.

  3. Oh how I wish I were there - I love snow. Would have to come alone however, DWH does not love snow. Thanks for sharing your pictures and have a wonderful and warm day. Judy C

  4. Oh, I wish you could be here too -- what a nice visit we would have! But I wouldn't wish that long drive alone on anyone. Guess we will have to settle for visiting at my virtual kitchen table! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. I delighted in your beautiful snow pictures, Mrs. T! You have a great weekend enjoying it!

    On our menu this weekend is your Pasta Sausage Soup--I'm looking forward to it!

  6. Hi Mrs. Smith ...

    I imagine spring is really here in your neck of the woods? Not up here of course. We had some springlike days last week, warm and sunny, and more are predicted for the coming week, but snow is a possibility well into April. We really didn't have a lot of snow this winter, so this isn't too bothersome.

    Hope you enjoy the soup!

  7. How beautiful....makes me feel very serene!

  8. Beautiful pictures!

    My hubby woke me up this morning to tell me it was snowing. He was all in a tizzy as he was catching a bus to Boston and then flying to Germany. Thankfully it didn't last long and he was able to leave on time.

  9. It does have such a serene look, doesn't it, Arlene? Very peaceful.

    Altered Bee -- sounds like the snow gave your hubby a less-than-serene awakening this morning. Glad he could make his flight and leave on time. Weather can be so nerve-racking when one has to fly anywhere in winter.

    Thanks for stopping in, ladies! Don't forget to "spring ahead" tonight!

  10. Mrs. T, I am dropping back in to tell you that we had the soup tonight and it was delicious! I've printed out the recipe to keep. It would be so good to take to someone that is in need too! We liked it a lot!

    Spring sure does seem to be here in our neck of the woods. We have had lots of rain too, which has been good!

  11. It's so pretty! We live in a more moderate climate than the rest of Canada, so we don't get much snow at all. My husband seems to think we'll get one more dusting before spring, though. We'll see.

  12. Susan, I am glad that you enjoyed this look at our snow. I really don't think I would mind living in a climate where there wasn't much snow, but I would probably miss it if I lived where there was no snow at all. I do enjoy our four seasons -- though here in northern NH we do have at least one extra one. Between winter and spring we have what's known as "mud season" -- and it is ugly. We will be heading into that next.

    Mrs. Smith -- so happy that you all enjoyed the soup so much! It was so sweet of you to come back and tell me so!

  13. What pretty pictures Mrs. T. We have not minded the little bit of snow we have had this year.....though mud season is no fun here. We were surprised yesterday when we came home from church to find all of our snow has melted.

  14. Thanks, Nikki!

    I am nowhere near as good a photographer as my hubby, or my daughter; I pretty much just point and shoot. I did try for a closeup with the chickadee; the one I got was my third try and I was thankful it wasn't blurry as they do move very fast!

    Our snow is still here, but temps are warm and it's melting fast. Mud season, here we come!


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