Thursday, March 08, 2012

My creative friends

Every now and then I like to post some creativity from some of my friends.  We like to share little handmade gifts with one another -- sometimes for birthdays or other occasions, but sometimes for no reason at all.  I want to share today two newer items -- and an older one which looks new again.

My friend M. gave me two lovely handmade items for my birthday.  The first is this adorable holder for purse size tissues.  I love the black tea-themed print and the vintage button trim!
 It is constructed in a similar way to these criss-cross coasters shown below.  (Those were made by me.)  The pieces are folded diagonally, but the pinning/sewing/turning technique is the same.  If you have ever made this type of coaster, then you know how this tissue holder is put together.

M. also made this pretty necklace for me.
The dark beads look black in the photo, but are actually blue.
M's gifts were in this pretty bag -- which she did not make, but is still so pretty...
 The other item is a sweet pincushion made for me some time ago by my friend J. It has a little embroidered design on every side.

 I had noticed it was becoming dusty, so put it through the wash with a load of towels.  It came out just perfect and looking brand new again.

Are you as inspired as I am by the creativity of others?  Please share some of your thoughts -- and maybe some of your friends' creativity -- in the comments.  I would love to hear what you share!


  1. Aren't they? I am truly blessed!

  2. Love them all but especially the tissue holder. One of my Grimm cousins made one for me recently and I use it all the time. Such a nice little thing to have on hand for a 'happy".

  3. Yes, it surely would be! I need to make a few of these for just that purpose.


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