Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekly goals for 3/18/2012

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Only a day or so late ... here are my weekly goals:

1.  Memorize Psalm 85:6-7.  (Still haven't got this done.  I keep working on other verses instead.)
2.  Read next chapter in Essential Virtues.
3.  Exercise 3 to 7 times.
4.  Plan/cook healthy meals.
5.  Keep up with Kelly's Missions for zone 4, the bedroom.
6.  Keep up with crafting goals.
7.  Start working ahead on Sunday School lesson 8.

And for last week:

1.  As noted, I still haven't memorized those verses in Psalm 85 which I am trying to learn for a Scripture memory plan I'm using.
2.  Did read a chapter in Essential Virtues, so DONE!
3.  Went for a walk either 4 or 5 times, so DONE!
4.  Planned and cooked healthy meals, so DONE!
5.  Did not quite keep up with Kelly's Missions for zone 3, but I did scrub the tub and shower and wash the shower curtain and tub mat, so was pleased with getting those larger tasks taken care of.
6.  Kept up with my most important crafting goals, so I'm calling those DONE!  (And I've made a more realistic crafting plan for this week.)
7.  Finished Sunday School lesson 7*, so DONE!

*I should probably note that for Sunday School, the ladies and I are working through Elizabeth George's book Breaking the Worry Habit ... Forever.  I prepare the entire lesson in advance, but it usually takes us at least 3 Sundays to get through it all.  That's why I've been working on lesson 7 for awhile.  We will be starting to go over that in class this Sunday.  Today I will start working ahead on lesson 8, although I probably won't be teaching it for at least two more weeks.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with 5 out of 7 on this week's goals.  The crafting part involved finishing up a partly handcrafted gift to send to my granddaughter out West, so I'm very pleased to have finished that and sent it on its way for Emily's birthday.

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