Friday, March 23, 2012

A jaunt around the lake

It's been so warm up here in New England ... as warm as summer the past few days.  Today is beautiful and sunny, but the temperatures are a bit more brisk.  These lovely days have coincided with some time off from work for my hubby, so yesterday we took a little day trip -- a jaunt around our state's biggest lake.  Amazingly for this time of year, most of the ice is out of the lake, and the blue water is absolutely gorgeous.  I can't take time to write a lot, but wanted to share a few pictures.
We picnicked on a beach with this view.

Not the best shot... taken from a moving car.  I was trying to get the mountains to the left but got an island instead!

Mr. T stopped the car for a moment so I could take this.  I thought it was so pretty with the mountains, and then the red twiggy bushes in the foreground.

This was taken from a "scenic overlook" which has lost a lot of its scenic value to brushy trees.

We walked out on some of these docks.  No boats tied up here today!

Meredith Bay

It was a special treat for us to see this lake in all its beauty, unaccompanied by traffic and tourists.  There were other people like us, out enjoying the beautiful day by the water, but not enough to make any of the beaches or parks feel crowded.  What a marvelous, unexpected taste of summer we have  had this week!


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    What a lovely way to spend your day!


  2. Fuchsia!

    How lovely to see you here! I know that you visit my blogs, of course, but I am thrilled that you left a comment.

    Yes, we spent about 4 hours on this little jaunt last Thursday. Couldn't be gone the whole day as we had other commitments, appointments, etc. We felt a bit guilty at the time, but now that the cold and wintry temps are back, we are so glad we took the time on that summer-like day to enjoy the lake!

    Stop in and chat again sometime!


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