Monday, October 02, 2006

Update #3 on Fall Cleaning Challenge Part 1

Well, I have finally managed to almost completely finish the Fall Cleaning Challenge Part 1, as set by Carrie at Life on a Back Road (see link in sidebar). Yesterday was a bit different at church, since the first Sunday of every month we share a potluck meal and then a 2 pm service rather than our usual 6 pm service. After making a few stops, we were home by 4:30 and I decided to pitch into the fall cleaning I was doing in the master bedroom. Here’s what I got done:

* Thoroughly vacuumed floors, including under the bed

* Pulled out all remaining undusted furniture -- a nightstand, a bookcase, a glider rocker and a small table -- and vacuumed and washed floor where they had been.

* Swiffered the walls behind each item of furniture, then vacuumed, dusted, and thoroughly cleaned each piece with Murphy Oil Soap.

* Put a fresh doily on the small table and the nightstand.

* Decluttered top of bookcase.

* Washed mirrors.

* Sorted out the magazines in my hubby’s bedside reading basket, and tossed the outdated ones. Vacuumed out the basket before replacing the “keeper” magazines.

L had asked about finding time for such housecleaning projects, and truly they can be done 15 minutes a day, a la FlyLady. However, some weeks I just can’t seem to do it that way and need to have a larger block of time. (Or feel like I do, anyway.) I thought the gift of several hours on a Sunday afternoon might provide a great time to finish this project, and it turned out that way.

I do still need to declutter 2 totes of craft materials that are in this room, but I’m very happy with what I’ve accomplished via this challenge. Looking forward to seeing what Carrie’s Fall Cleaning Challenge, Part 2 will look like!

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