Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A weekend in the kitchen

This has been a very kitchen-y weekend. Our church’s missions conference just ended last night, and it seems I spent a great deal of time either cooking in my own kitchen or cleaning up in the church kitchen.

During our missions conference, we have two events involving food. On Saturday evening before that service, we traditionally have an international covered dish supper. And on Sunday night following the service, we plan a “pie fellowship” -- a time when everyone brings pies to share.

In addition, we were taking a missionary family out for Sunday lunch and bringing them back to our home for the afternoon and for dessert. So a good deal of cooking and baking was in order.

On Saturday, I made brownies for our Sunday dessert. I also made some microwave dulce de leche to use in two banoffee pies for the pie fellowship. (For those who are not familiar with banoffee pie, it’s a British dessert made with bananas and a caramel filling in a graham cracker crust, topped with whipped cream. This was the first time I had tried this and it came out very good.) For the international meal, I fixed some Indian-style vegetables, a Tex-Mex green bean salad, and a British apple crumble. In the freezer, I had stashed several foil-wrapped packages of Roti -- chicken & potato filled wraps seasoned with lots of celery, garlic, and curry -- to take as my main dish. One of my daughters showed me how to make this Indian treat, having learned the recipe and technique from a friend in Antigua. The recipe made a ton and so I froze a bunch with the international supper in mind. I was pleasantly surprised that the potatoes did not turn at all mushy in the freezer!

On Sunday, we took our friends out to a Chinese restaurant, then brought them home with us and had brownies with ice cream & (homemade!) hot fudge sauce later in the afternoon. I whipped the cream and topped my pies and took them to the pie fellowship, where they were very well received. Came home after the evening service and washed the dishes... and that wraps up my weekend cooking adventures.


  1. This post would be making me hungry if I hadn't just finished a very filling lunch!!! Sounds like a very yummy weekend. :)

  2. Wow! Ok, now you need to pass on all these recipes to me. That banoffee thing sounds delectable. And I LOVE Indian food so you must pass on the roti recipe. AND I'm 1/2 Mexican (and so is my hubby) so you also need to give me your dulce de leche recipe. You made it in the microwave?

  3. I will e-mail these to you, Alicia. Hope I can find the roti recipe. if not, I will have to get it from Joanna. I think she wrote it out for me, but am not sure. (And if I have to get it from her, it may take awhile.)

    Yes! I did the dulce de leche in the microwave. As you probably know, most of the recipes for this delicacy call for cooking unopened cans of sweetened condensed milk in a pot of water -- not exactly the safest procedure in the world, especially since the can labels say not to do it. This method took a bit of time, but the micro did the work and the stuff came out beautifully.

  4. I saw your comment on Mrs. Wilt's blog and decided to come by and look around. I've been enjoying our blog and especially your breakfast recipes!


    Mrs. B

  5. Welcome, Mrs. B! I visited Mrs. Wilt's blog briefly after Carrie mentioned it on hers one time. Today I spent a few more minutes there... what fun, eh? She is an inspiration!

    Come back and visit at the kitchen table anytime! (I am in the midst of a huge (offline) writing project and so have not found much blogging time lately. Maybe in another couple of weeks I'll find time to post more. I have some thoughts on prayer I'm anxious to share.

    God bless!


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