Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wednesday Medley for July 31

On Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park in Nevada
 It's Wednesday again, and time for the Wednesday Medley hosted by Terri at Your Friend from Florida!  This week's questions are based off World Ranger Day, which is being celebrated today, July 31. Why not head on over to Terri's and get the the questions to answer on your own blog?  

Here goes with the questions:

 1.  Is there a National Park near where you live?  

Not really.  The closest one is Acadia National Park in Maine, although now that I think about it, the Minuteman National Historical Park (also under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service), in Concord, Massachusetts is probably closer.  Here in New Hampshire we do have the White Mountain National Forest.  Oh, and my sister-in-law recently told me about the Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park in Cornish, NH.  That's about an hour and 15 minutes from us, as I have reason to know as my hubby was recently logging in Cornish.

2.  How many National Parks and which ones have you visited?  Is there one you would really like to visit?
 I have visited Acadia and Minuteman Parks.  I've also visited Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho and Great Basin National Park in Nevada.  I know that our daughter and son-in-law really want us to see Arches and Zion in Utah one day.  We will see.  My hubby and I hope to visit many National Parks when he retires.
Three grandkids have their Junior Ranger books checked by the Ranger at Great Basin National Park
Getting their badges (which they are proudly wearing, below)

Grampa and Elliott in a cave at Craters of the Moon National Monument
My hubby with our daughter Joanna in one of the lava fields at Craters of the Moon
3.  The Park Rangers are protectors of the environment, of the wildlife, and visitors in the parks.  Is there someone (human) in your life who you count on as a protector or are you someone's protector?
Certainly God is the greatest Protector one could ever have, and He is mine.  Humanly speaking, my husband is my protector. 
 Last summer, though, he had me send this photo to the Nevada grandkids (who are big into all things Ninja) with this subject line: "Where were my Ninja protectors when I needed them?"
Nope -- those black eyes didn't happen protecting me!  Strictly work-related.
4.  Have you ever had an up-close-and-personal experience with a wild animal that you can tell us about?
Decades ago, a raccoon, presumably rabid, was trying to get in our screen door.  (My son shot it.) I have had a bear cross the road in front of me several times while I was out walking.  And once, my daughter and I came upon a bear eating blackberries while we walked a wooded roadway.  Both of my daughters had a chipmunk that used to eat out of their hands.  Chickadees would do the same.

5.  It is certainly an honor to show value to this profession by giving them a day of remembrance.  What is another profession that you like to see honored by a "day" of their own?
You know, I really can't think of any.  This whole "National Day" concept has really shown me just how many are honored with a "day" of their own.
The Park Ranger has the kids help open the door at Lehman Caves in Great Basin National Park
 6.  On this last day of July, please tell us something about your week so far.
The week seems to be slipping right out from under me.  Wednesday already!  And I will be happy when this hot, hazy, humid weather breaks.
Sunset at Craters of the Moon in Idaho
Moonrise over Craters
  Happy Wednesday, all!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday six

Lovely photo by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
Yesterday was a busy day and I completely forgot about doing a Friday five post until the end of the day, when I was too tired to do so.  So herewith is my Saturday six.

1.  Getting together with longtime friends for breakfast last Saturday at their new home in rural Vermont.  I snapped one photo with my tablet since we forgot to bring the camera.   It didn't come out all that great so I will share a photo of one of the main ingredients of our breakfast.  Our hostess had prepared a blueberry French toast casserole which we enjoyed with pure maple syrup, sausage links, and fruit salad.  Outstanding meal, but the company was even better and we so enjoyed a little driving tour of their beautiful area as well.

2.  Going out for lunch on Sunday with Mr. T's cousins (visiting from Alabama; this was their last day here) and one of his brothers.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal at a favorite seafood place.  So nice when faraway family is in town!

Another lovely graphic by Little Birdie Blessings
3.  A day this week (Wednesday, I think) that was cool enough to turn the oven on and bake some cookies.   I baked three kinds: Snickerdoodles, Toffee Crackle Cookies, and Chocolate Malted Cookies.  You can find a snickerdoodle recipe in any number of cookbooks.  The other two are in this post: Family Favorite Cookies, if you are interested.   (This post features tried and true delicious favorite cookie recipes of our family.)

4. A clean bill of health following an infected tick bite.  So thankful we now have urgent care in our town to get these things checked out quickly and easily.
Another meaningful graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
5.  A splendid day at the lake with my daughter and kiddos, plus my sister-in-law and nephew (visiting from Florida) on Thursday.  I had thought that I wouldn't go along, as I had much to do at home.  But early that morning while out for a walk, I said as much to my walking partner and she told me I needed to go, that she had many regrets about not doing things with her kids and grandkids.  Summer is so short, too, and beach days don't come around that often.  So I went, and was so glad I did.

6.  A lovely outdoor tea party yesterday at the home of friends.  A young friend of mine cooked up a surprise tea party to honor her mom on a milestone birthday.  Below you see a photo my daughter snapped of some of the food we enjoyed.  A lovely time together.

And there you have this week's Saturday six.  I'm grateful, of course, for many other little blessings throughout every week, but these are some highlights.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Relatively speaking: Wednesday Medley for July 24

Seven cousins in fall of 1959
So it's Wednesday again, and time for the Wednesday Medley hosted by Terri at Your Friend from Florida.  This week's questions are based off Cousins Day (July 24) and  Aunt and Uncles Day (July 26). Most of us have, or had, memorable relatives in those categories, so why not head on over to Terri's and get the the questions to answer on your own blog?   It could be a lot of fun to wander down Memory Lane!  

Here goes:

1.  What can you tell us about your cousins, please, or someone who is close like a cousin?
My maternal grandmother had 20 grandchildren, and I had 3 siblings -- so, I had 16 cousins on my mother's side of the family.  On my dad's side, just 2 cousins.   We didn't see those two as often, so we weren't as close with them.  Although not all of my other 16 cousins lived nearby,we all saw one another fairly frequently. 
A couple of uncles take a boatload of cousins out on the pond at the family cottage in 1956.
2.  Do you still see your cousins and will you contact them on National Cousins Day?  
I do see my cousins.  Not frequently, but I do see them.  One of my cousins lives on a street where I often walk.  If we happen to walk there on Cousins Day and he is headed off for work, I'll be sure and wish him a happy Cousins Day.

In the past couple of years, I have reconnected with some second cousins I hadn't seen in years.  We meet up a couple of times a year for a meal and a visit.
3.  Terri had a favorite aunt and uncle she will tell us about.  How about you?  

I had a favorite aunt for sure.  My aunt Joanne was a wonderful influence in my life.  She was a great example to me in many ways and was such an amazing mother and grandmother.  She always had time for me and made me feel loved and special.
Joanne and my cousin Gary in 1957
4.  Did/does your family have reunions and can you tell us about them?
We have had a few reunions, but nothing like what family reunions are in the South.

The most recent one was in 2016 and was quite a large and well-planned event.  Two of my second cousins did most of the planning, and others helped in many ways.  There were many family photos and other objects like quilts displayed in a barn, and everyone brought food which was served under tents.  It was thoroughly enjoyable in spite of the fact that it rained almost all day.

5.  If you have children, are they enjoying relationships with their cousins, aunts, uncles?
Let's see.  I have to think about that for a bit.  They did when they were growing up, for sure.  Two cousins lived next door to us, and we saw four other cousins often.  We also got together on Thanksgiving each year.  Nowadays they are not as close.  They keep in touch with some on Facebook or Instagram, and this past New Year's my daughter and family got together with one cousin and his family.  A nice time!

6.  Tell us something random about your week so far.
I'm hoping that the Christmas in July sale starting today in my Etsy shop, A New Hampshire Attic,  will generate some traffic to my shop.  It's been a bit slow over the past few weeks.  All vintage Christmas items will be 20% off this week, so it you've been eyeing listings in that category, this is your time!

And there is this week's Medley ... relatively speaking!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday five for July 19

A little late in the day, but I'm here at last with a Friday five.

1.  A wonderful day in church on Sunday.  We so enjoyed the preaching, music, and testimonies from counselors and staff from The Wilds of New England!  These college students pour their energy into ministry to campers all week long, then go out on weekends to encourage local churches.  What a blessing!
From a kayak on Perch Pond, taken by Mr. T
2.  A sweet phone visit with my dear young friend Jennifer on Monday -- and another lovely chat with my faraway daughter Joanna on Tuesday. 
From Mr. T's recent hike with family.  They thought nothing of this when they were kids.
3.  Mr. T's cousins from Alabama are in town and we met up for ice cream on Tuesday evening!  We hope to see them again before they leave, but it was wonderful to get together for an hour at Frosty Scoops.

4.  The wonderful news that one of our Nevada grandkids, 9-year-old Elliott, trusted Christ as his Savior while at camp last week.  I'd been praying for Elliott to make some good decisions at camp.  I'd say he made the most important decision of his life!

Elliott is at left below, with his cousin Ben in Maine this spring.
5.  God's goodness to and watchcare over our friend Terry as she underwent a complicated surgery yesterday.  So thankful for a good outcome and seeing His hand in everything!
This lily, and the one at top were growing wild.  Captured by Mr. T on a recent hike.
That's my simple but heartfelt Friday five for this week!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday five for July 12

I'm not sure how the week got away from me, but it seriously did!  Let's see if I can search my memory (and my "Best of My Days" calendar) for five blessings from the week:

1.  A lovely phone chat with my friend Jennifer on Friday.  I was so blessed that this busy young mom carved out time to call and catch up with me.

2.   Getting out to walk at 6 a.m. several times this week.  It feels really good to be out there while it's still relatively cool -- and even better to have the rest of the day ahead of us when we return.

3.  Lots of good quality time spent on my Sunday School lesson preparation last Saturday.  I tend to work several weeks ahead, and it felt great to have gotten a lot of good work accomplished.

4.  A great day at the beach with my daughter, grandkids, sister-in-law and friends on Wednesday.  There's often a breeze at the lake when there isn't one elsewhere, and this proved to be the case again. 

5.  Time spent planning and scheduling posts for Christmas in July at my Christmas blog, Mrs. T's Christmas kitchen.  Link is in sidebar if you'd like to visit.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Friday, July 05, 2019

Friday five on the fifth of July!

Lovely photo by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings.   Don't you love the sand dollars lined up at the right?
Sorry, I just couldn't resist that catchy title!  Friday again (though it feels like Sunday, having had yesterday off) and time for another Friday five post.  So here goes:

1.  Seeing God answer prayer for the details in a specific situation where wisdom was needed.
Another from Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
2. A McDonalds breakfast date last Saturday.  It doesn't take much to make us happy!
Like these daisies in our back yard.  Mr. T left this pretty clump while he was mowing the lawn.
3.  Supper last Saturday at our daughter and son-in-law's home with visiting family from out of state.  Also very thankful for safety as we traveled home in a torrential downpour, complete with penny-sized hail!
We were so thankful Mr. T had gotten this photo of our peonies.  This is the largest amount of blossoms we have ever had, and of course the heavy rain and the hail just beat them down.
4.  A good day in God's house with such an encouraging message.  A man who grew up in our church but has lived and worked in Florida for many years was home in NH with his family for a visit.  Although he is a teacher, not a pastor, he is always willing to fill the pulpit when he is in our state. He gave such an encouraging message reminding us as believers to be steadfast, diligent, faithful, and vigilant. 

One more by Abby
5.  The blessing of starting a new simple Bible study for my quiet time this month.  I've  had  this one on hand for awhile and decided to use it for July.  These simple studies add a journaling component to a Scripture reading plan.  I have another in-depth study going for Sunday School at this time, so simple is really good for my quiet time right now.  I'll be blogging a bit about this as we get further into the month.

6.  And a bonus -- a great time celebrating the Fourth of July with family and friends yesterday!  We are so blessed to live in this country!

Thursday, July 04, 2019

A blessed and glorious Fourth of July to you!

Lovely photo and graphic by Abby at Little Birdie Blessings
 (If you think this post seems a little familiar,  as if you've seen it before -- well, you probably have.  Nearly all of it.  I've updated it just a little.  This was last year's Independence Day post, and it seems even more appropriate today.)

From 2019: We're wishing all of you a most blessed and glorious Fourth of July!  I spent a busy few hours in the kitchen while Mr. T worked on his woodpile. Then we headed off to a favorite picnic spot by a river.  But we are near the lakes, you say.  Yes, yes we are.  But no local in their right mind would be trying to picnic anywhere near a lake today.  Hordes of people!  We enjoyed our time by a rushing river instead, with only one other family at a picnic table nearby.  They told us they'd been planning to go to the state park, but weren't able to get in (those hordes of people again) so they decided to go exploring and found this nice spot with picnic tables beside the river.

Taken at the riverside picnic spot last Saturday.  The water was rushing much more that day.
May we all take time to thank the Lord today for the blessings that are ours living in a free country, and to pray for those brave and committed men and women who are serving right now to protect our land and keep our nation free.  May we take a moment to pray for our country, so deeply divided and so much in need of the healing that only God can truly bring.

Do you pray for our nation regularly?  I take some time every Thursday to pray for some specific requests -- very appropriate as the Fourth of July is on Thursday this year!  (Of course, I pray for America on other days too when the news is particularly bad or there is an urgent need.)

I begin by thanking God for the blessing of living in a free country.  I thank Him for the freedom to worship, the freedom to share my faith with others, the privilege of voting, and the privilege of living in a country with so many natural resources, such natural beauty, and a high standard of living.    I then pray for our president and other leaders, our men and women in the military, our judges and courts, and my state and governor.

The printed page you see across the bottom of my prayer journal is from a pdf titled How to Pray for America.  It's a free download at Revive Our Hearts, and I have found it very helpful in praying for our country as a whole.  If you are not in the habit of praying for America, may I encourage you to do so?

Later today we will be attending a Fourth of July gathering at the home of friends.  There will be food, fellowship, and very likely fireworks as well.  Hope all of you will also enjoy a blessed day celebrating with family or friends!  Happy Fourth of July!