Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday five for July 19

A little late in the day, but I'm here at last with a Friday five.

1.  A wonderful day in church on Sunday.  We so enjoyed the preaching, music, and testimonies from counselors and staff from The Wilds of New England!  These college students pour their energy into ministry to campers all week long, then go out on weekends to encourage local churches.  What a blessing!
From a kayak on Perch Pond, taken by Mr. T
2.  A sweet phone visit with my dear young friend Jennifer on Monday -- and another lovely chat with my faraway daughter Joanna on Tuesday. 
From Mr. T's recent hike with family.  They thought nothing of this when they were kids.
3.  Mr. T's cousins from Alabama are in town and we met up for ice cream on Tuesday evening!  We hope to see them again before they leave, but it was wonderful to get together for an hour at Frosty Scoops.

4.  The wonderful news that one of our Nevada grandkids, 9-year-old Elliott, trusted Christ as his Savior while at camp last week.  I'd been praying for Elliott to make some good decisions at camp.  I'd say he made the most important decision of his life!

Elliott is at left below, with his cousin Ben in Maine this spring.
5.  God's goodness to and watchcare over our friend Terry as she underwent a complicated surgery yesterday.  So thankful for a good outcome and seeing His hand in everything!
This lily, and the one at top were growing wild.  Captured by Mr. T on a recent hike.
That's my simple but heartfelt Friday five for this week!


  1. Rejoicing with you over Elliott's decision for Christ. And you and Mr T need to come to Alabama to visit those cousins.

  2. The lillies are beautiful!!!

  3. news ever! I know what this means to your grandmother’s heart.

    Love the prescription for a perfect day! 🍦


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