Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Some recent sewing projects

Now that the Christmas gift exchanges are over for our family, I want to show a few of the crafts I made for Christmas gifts. I'm going to start with a few vintage-style pillowcases which I made for grandchildren. But first, here is a train quilt I made for one grandson (age 1 1/2):

This is just a panel, but it came out so cute. It was free, too... the panel and matching fabric came from a thrift store.

This shows the back.

From matching fabric I was able to make 2 pillowcases for the little guy's siblings.

Two more pillowcases -- one for a girl and one for a boy.

Two more... the pink fabric on one, and the kitten fabric on the other are both vintage fabrics handed down from my grandmother. She would be pleased to see how I've used them. I'm not completely satisfied with the border print on the kitten one, but it was the best I could find to coordinate with the kittens.

Lastly, a snowman pillowcase for a little boy who wanted to build a big snowman. I do apologize for the blurry photo. The fabric is really cute.
More crafts to come later on both blogs...


  1. That train quilt is just precious Mrs T. And the pillowcases are an idea that I might just have to steal to make some for my own grands!

  2. Thanks, Arlene!! Please do feel free to borrow the pillowcase idea. I have made pillowcases for my grandkids the past 2 years (plus some for other people) and they really do seem to like them.


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